$100 Walmart Survival Kit / DIY Budget Bug Out Bag

All right guys we’re at my localwalmart and today we’re going tobe building a hundred dollar walmart survival kit, all right guys. Now, there’s no doubtthat! Our first stop on our walmart tripis, going to be the outdoor sectionwe’re going to be able to pick up 90of. The items we need for oursurvival kit in the camping section. So since we are on a budget we’re going to bethinking about what our highest priorities areand make sure we get items that cover those in ourkit.

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So i’m talking about things like food waterfire, first aid, shelter things like that that aregoing to be essential to our survival, we’re goingto make sure we get those things in our kit. Firstand then, depending on how much we have left in ourbudget, we’ll move on to some more comfort, itemsand sanitation and light, and things like thatnow, what’s great about walmart isthey, have such a big variety ofproducts that you can really spend as littleor as much as you want, And you’ll notice thatin a lot of things that we’re looking at onthese aisles that there are several differentproducts that can accomplish the same thing. Atdifferent price points so to stay in our 100budget, we’re going to be getting the best productswe can, while still staying inside of our budget, all right guys. This is everything we picked upon our walmart trip. We spent right at 99 and80 something cent we wanted to get as muchgear as we could in here without going overthat hundred dollars.

Now we’re going to getin here and show you everything that we gotbut one great thing about walmart. Is that theyhave so much variety that you could really swapsome of these out for other items and add ortake away, or even upgrade some of these thingsnow as we’re going along through these? I will begiving you guys some alternatives to some of theseitems that you could swap out and still stay underthat 100 price point. I will also link to all thesethings in the description below if you want toget them for yourself now, let’s dive right in allright. The first thing we’re going to talk abouthere guys is the bag itself.

This is the day packfrom outdoor products, it’s actually a pretty goodquality backpack and it only ran us around 9.95. It does have one large compartment, inthe back with some extra storage in thereand. Then another compartment in the front you seeit does have some organizational pockets down inthere as well, and then another zipper pouch onthe front for some quick access items as well as aspot for a water bottle on both sides. I think thisis going to make a great base for our survival kitand at just under 10 bucks.

You can’t beat itnow moving right along going by what i thinkis some of the highest priority items on our listthere’s. No doubt that when you’re talking aboutsurvival water is going to be one of your biggestpriorities, so we have the sawyer mini waterfiltration system. This is one of the best waterfilter systems. You can get on the market right, nowit’s, going to filter out a hundred thousandgallons. So, no matter what type of water sourceyou come across, this thing is going to filter itfor you now this is going to be the most expensivething on our list at 19.

7, but it’s also goingto be one of the most important items on the listnow. If you wanted to go with something cheaper youcould go with something like these potable aquatablets, but it’s going to take longer to treatthe water with this, and it’s only going to treatup to 25 quarts. So it’s not going to treat as muchwater. But this is one place where you could savea little money. If you wanted to add more itemsor upgrade something else in the kit.

Next thingwe’re going to talk about is food. What we wentwith is these mountain house. Adventure mealsthese are freeze-dried meals, they’re, going to begood up to 30 years. I really like going with thistype of food item for a survival bag or a bugout bag, because you don’t really have to worryabout this going bad. So these mountain house mealsare perfect for a kit like this.

They are a littleexpensive at 8.95 per pack, but there are twoservings in each pack and if you’re rationing inan emergency situation, this could easily last youa few days along those same lines: you’re going toneed, something to boil water and cook food in andthis mess kit from ozark Trail was too cheap. Topass up. I have used this kit in the past. It comeswith a hanging pot and lid, a frying pan, a metalplate and a plastic cup, and at just over fivedollars.

You cannot beat this kit right here to goalong with our food and cooking kit. We have justthis flatware set. It comes with a plastic spoonfork and knife, and that’s going to run you just88, so you definitely should throw that in your kitone. Of our next biggest priorities is fireand. These items are usually pretty affordableso.

We have a few different options here. We havesome waterproof and storm proof matches thoseare going to run you about 2.97 and then justa. Regular old bic lighter, there’s, no easier. Wayto start a fire than just with a big lighternow.

You also need some way to process woodso. We decided to go with this sawtooth machetefrom ozark trail. I like this, because it has anice big blade for chopping down limbs and thingslike, that it also has a sawtooth edge for sawingdown, a larger wood material, and it’s got apretty decent weight to it and a nice handleso. It should work out just fine, but for 12 95 youreally can’t beat this, especially since it alsocomes with a phariseem rod for starting fires, anda nylon sheath – to put it in it’s hard to go wrongwith that next things we want to think about iscordage and shelter. So we went with a 50-foot hankof 550 paracord no survival kit would be completewithout some paracord, the next shelter item weput in our kit.

Is this camping tarp from outdoorproducts it’s going to run just over nine dollarsbut. It’S going to give us an easy way to make ashelter and stay out of the elements you could ofcourse make your own shelter from limbs and thingslike that, but this fit in our budget. So why not goahead and put it in the kit along those same lineswe added an emergency poncho from ust an emergencyspace blanket from ozark trail, the pancho isgoing, to run you just a dollar and the spaceblanket just over two dollars. So it’s really ano-brainer to add something. Like this into the kitagain just to protect you from the elements, keepyou warm and dry, that space blanket could also beused, along with your shelter, so those two itemsare nice to have next thing.

That’S going to bevery important is some type of first aid kit nowwith a 100 budget. We couldn’t go too crazy, witha very extensive, first aid kit, but at just underfive dollars. This kit right here is nice. It has85 items in it. It’S gon na come with your bandagesband-aids antiseptic a few different medicines andthings like that.

You never know when you couldinjure yourself so having a good first aid, kitis a must in a survival kit now, depending on yourlocation, this may or may not be important to youbut. I decided to put in the small bug: repellenti am in the southern part of united states, so inthe summer the bugs can get really bad out therehaving, something like that is going to be reallyimportant to keep those bugs off of you, keepyou, healthy and as comfortable as Possible nowof course in a survival kit, you’re going to needsome kind of light with a 100 budget, you’re kindof limited on the quality of gear you can get andsince light is a little bit lower on the prioritylist. I decided to go with these budget. Optionsthis is the one dollar ozark trail. Flashlightit is 50 lumens, so it’s not too bad as well as theone dollar headlamp.

So you can have a hands-freelight. If you need that something else you mightconsider, that is really cheap is just a pack. Ofglow sticks. You can get these for under a dollarand. This will provide you with eight hours, ofambient light in a survival situation.

The next fewitems we have here are not essential, but they arenice to have and they’re low cost enough that theydid fit into our budget nicely. So i decided to putin a pack of all-purpose fishing hooks. You coulduse this in conjunction with some of the innerstrands on your paracord to fish and get yourselfsome extra food. So that’s nice to have especiallyif. It turns into a long-term situation.

Next, isa, bandana, that’s also going to run you under adollar, so why not throw it in there? There are somany uses for a bandana everything from protectingyou from the sun or filtering water or making atourniquet and at under a dollar. It’S a no-brainerto, throw a bandana in your kit. Next is duct. Tapethere are a million different uses for duct tapeit’s, actually, a pretty decent fire starter.

You canalso repair things with it. You can make cordageout of it and at just two dollars. This gorillabrand tape is really high quality and it fit intoour budget nicely and last but not least, we putin some antibacterial wipes to help keep you cleanand, no matter what the situation you are. Stillgonna have to take care of number two. So havingsomething like this is gon na be really niceto have so you don’t end up wiping with leavesall right guys.

Now that’s everything we gotat walmart for our 100 survival kit, but we’restill not quite done yet because there are somebonus items that you can add into a kit like thisthat will probably cost you nothing because youalready have them around your house first thingon. That list is a couple extra pairs of socks, ina survival situation, your feet, get wet. It can bevery important to be able to change out your sockskeep your feet healthy, especially if you’re on themove next thing, that’s going to go along with yourfire kit is just some vaseline soaked. Cotton ballsthese things are amazing, fire starters. So if youfind yourself in wet conditions, you’re having ahard time starting a fire having something likethese, vaseline soap, cotton balls is going to bereally nice to have the next bonus item.

You canadd to your kit, for almost no money is some trashbag. These are 42 gallon contractor trash bags, i’vegot three of them in here these can be used, forshelter or ground cover or water catchment systemand. You probably already have them laying aroundyour house. So why not throw a few in your kit andlast but not least, a couple bottles of water youprobably already have a case of water sittingaround in your house or in your refrigeratorgrab a couple bottles to throw in your kit that’llgive you a good amount of initial clean Drinkingwater and then, when you’re done, you can usethese bottles along with your water. Filterto collect more water, all right, guys now that’sit for our 100 walmart survival kit.

Are these thebest survival items out there? No is this goingto sustain you for a very long period of timemaybe, not, but this is a great starting point, thisis a great way to get into your first survival. Kitor bug out bag at an affordable price and thenyou can always go back and upgrade later so ihope. This video helped you out guys make sure youdon’t forget to use our links in the descriptionbelow for all these items. We talked about todayand.

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