2 Story LEGO FORT Nerf Battle – Parents vs Kids

Ireland: Features

Ireland is a lovely place to visit with great history. Map and Location Island Location: Ireland is an island off western Europe in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Ireland is a divided country, with independent governments

Alaska Fishing Tours – Picking The Best

Alaska fishing tours are the best money that you can spend on your fishing trip to the north. You have heard that they have a fish here, called the King Salmon. You have heard that it is often caught at a weight of 50 pounds or more. You are ready to spend a weekend or longer on those waters, searching for your fish.

Fortitudine Vincimus

Shackleton’s expedition to the South Pole.

Lessons in Skiing for Children

If your kids have skied before you may know the skis appropriate for them and make the reservations before hand. If you are skiing during a holiday of high skier count, you should ask about reserving skis and equipment…

Choosing the Right Snowboard for Your Style

Snowboarding is one of those sports that can get expensive very quickly, so you want to make sure to choose the right gear for your style. By careful searching, you can save yourself from spending $500 on the wrong type of snowboard… and still enjoy the riding that you like to do.

All the Treasures Have Been Found! Or Have They?

At least that’s what I thought when I first set foot in the red dust of Outback Queensland, Australia. “Whatever is to be found in the ground has already been found!” “Treasures are for Long John Silver, buried, dug up and lost again hundreds of years ago by pirates and men of adventure!”

Kids Kayaking the Everglades?

If you’re planning a Florida kayak trip, here’s a taste of what you can expect!

Kayak Gear Up to Here!

A few suggestions for gear is a must read for the serious paddler.

Alaska- The Call of the Wild

Alaska is truly wild. Traveling to Alaska is like stepping back in time when the world was young, innocent and wild.

Off The Beaten Track

wild-at-heart attractions to explore in Southern Africa include the wildlife of SabiSabi Game Reserve, the Cango Ostrich Farm located in the lush Cango Valley, the Crocodile Centre, north of St Lucia and Butterfly World the largest butterfly park in South Africa.

Wetsuits: Choosing the Right Fit for You

Scuba diving is a sport that is enjoyed by people the world round. Scuba diving trips take place everywhere from the Bahamas to the shores of Alaska to Australia, the gear that divers need is as unique as the sport as well as the people who enjoy it. The use of the right wetsuit is as important in scuba diving as an air tank.

Getting Lost – Chances Are – You Could!

Getting lost can happen to even the most seasoned bushman; here are a few tips so you wont be completely unprepared when/if the time comes…stay calm and work your way through it . Just another tip to help you have safe and enjoyable adventures in the great outdoors.

Not All Camp Pads and Mattresses are Created Equally: Air Mattresses

O.K., I have to admit it. Last year I caved in and started sleeping on an air mattress while camping. I guess that is what old age does to a body. I always felt like I would be cheating if I slept on one but now I will never go back. No more rocks or roots sticking in my back. No more getting wet when it pours. Don’t let anyone tell you that an air mattress is for wimps. An air mattress simply makes your camping experience a pleasure.

The Fantastic Tahoe Rim Trail

Like most good things, you must wait, and The Tahoe Rim Trail proves it. The loop trail was not completed until September 2001. The 164-mile loop trail encircles glorious Lake Tahoe.

Classic Lake Tahoe Golf Courses

Lake Tahoe golf courses provide challenging and scenic play for all levels from beginner to seasoned pro.

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