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How Deep is the Water? Do We Go in a Circle? Top Overly Asked Questions Whitewater Guide Answers

How deep is the water? Are we on a track? Do we end where we started? I’ve been a guide long enough to get asked most of the stupid questions that make some logical sense in the guests minds when they think about it but get only a groan and pre-recorded answer form me.

You Just Got Signed Up for a Rafting Trip and are Petrified of Water, Now What the Heck Do You Do?

Trust me I’ve seen it all before. Crying guests, scared rafters and the myriad of jitters in between. But relax most likely you — yes the scared little knees-shaking, lifejacket-wearing individual — will be the one who at the end of the day wants to go bigger, swim the next rapid, and try guiding the boat…

Wreck Scuba Diving in Florida

Wreck scuba diving in the beautiful and warm waters of Florida.

So You’ve Been Rafting Once and Didn’t Die – Is it Now Time to Try a Harder River?

I’ve heard it more times than I can count. “I want something bigger!” but guides have a saying, “Everyone wants to raft a class V until they swim a class III.” With every jump up the class scale the prospect of falling out and having problems increases. What most rafters don’t realize is that not only do their guides provide the confidence instilled in them but that all guides are not alike.

Sea Kayak Sales

As more and more people become aware of sea kayaking, we see sea kayak sales climbing.

Trash Can Duty Thrills

This highlights the good and bad times encountered, being a camp site garbage man. Even the most mundane task can have its exciting moments.

Choosing the Right Travel Package

With international airfares falling with increasing competition, numerous travel agencies have sprung up to help you make your international visit easy and comfortable. But now there is a problem of plenty. Here are a few things you need to consider when choosing the travel package of your choice.

The Pleasures of Newport Beach Harbor

Newport Beach Harbor. Discover all the scenic pleasures Newport Beach Harbor has to offer, whether from a boat on the water or strolling around Balboa Island or the peninsula.

Visiting Malibu And Its Many Beaches

Malibu has many beaches to choose from, stretched out along its beautiful coastline.

Camp is for Everyone

Would you like to go to camp? Would your child? Are you thinking about making lanyards in craft class, canoeing across the lake, or those funky lunches in the mess hall? Although those experiences are common to many people who have gone to summer camp in the past, they are not the only types of experiences out there today. You can learn to surf, play in a rock and roll band, learn computer programming or even be in a play. Camp doesn’t even have to be in the summer anymore-it is changing, and it is for the better.

Panama Hats, Colonial Heritage, Andean Culture, the U.S. dollar: Tastes of an Ecuadorian City

Ecuador’s Cuenca, a city of 300,000, sits in what passes for a valley in the Andes: It is 8,200 feet above sea level and flanked by still higher mountains. It carries the legacy of Spanish occupation in its lovely Old Town, now a Unesco World Heritage Site. And it is renowned as the home of the Panama hat — yes, the Panama hat.

Binoculars – Nothing Escapes These Eyes

Binoculars are devices that make small objects at a distance appear expanded and clear before your eyes. They are also known as binocular telescopes as they are basically two monocular placed together to allow perfect two-eye viewing. It is surprising to find that those objects, which are completely invisible to human eyes, appear so near and enlarged in the eyes of the binoculars.

Taking Pictures While Rafting And How Not To Ruin Your New Digital Camera

One of my favorite stories from the river took place one day when an over eager father whipped out the families new Digital SLR midway down the river from a backpack he had brought with him and been holding onto for dear life nearly the entire time. Needless to say the camera was soaked and worthless. I sat there in awe while his wife yelled and his kids laughed. Not even a plastic bag had been used.

One Hundred Foot Waterfalls and You – Deciphering the Class System of Whitewater Rapids

Pick up any outdoor oriented magazine and the photos of whitewater rafting and kayaking are breathtaking. Outside Magazine this month (April 2006) features three daredevil kayakers pondering a stomach wrenching bottomless drop at the base of Victoria Falls in Zambia. It’s a class V+ on the international rapid scale and routinely the image first time rafters think of when what to expect during a whitewater expedition. Oh how different reality can be.

Wildlife Encounter With Three Wedge-Tailed Eagles

A collector of Eagle Figurines tells his story of a strange site when travelling down under.

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