21 Days Winter Camping & Adventure in Alaska – Primitive Camping, Hiking Glaciers & Dog Sledding

Affordable RV Rentals

Recreational vehicles, better known as RVs have become a luxurious indulgence for many. They are commonly referred to as homes on wheels. RVs are living quarters on wheels, which can be driven around the country, with ease and convenience.

Army Tents

An imperative part of the inventory for military operations is tents. Tents required by the military are often subject to several stringent specifications, depending upon the geographical terrain, climatic conditions and various other factors. For example, a tent which is to be used in the Arctic region would differ in its requirement outlines from the one which is to be used in an arid region. Army tents came into the system in a big way, primarily after the Second World War and now find extensive use in not only national defence operations but also by the United Nations and for disaster relief operations.

Canopy Tents

For any event that may be organised out in the open, an effective way to tackle the twin key points of space coverage and aesthetics is by the use of a canopy tent. Whether it is a child’s birthday party in your backyard, a flea market set up, an exhibition, a trade show or even a car shelter – a canopy tent could well be your answer. A wide range of options for a potential buyer, in designs, shades, and size can land you with just the canopy to best suit your requirements and tastes. As such you have portable canopies, car canopies, shade canopies, patio canopies and many more.

Used RV Rentals

RVs are recreational vehicles and a good vacation option for families and business travelers alike. RVs are popularly known as homes on wheels. They incorporate most of the conveniences found in a home such as a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and in some cases, an open balcony. RVs are well- known for the convenience they provide while traveling. Travel schedules can be customized, in accordance to the activities that are planned. The people who prefer outdoor activities such as kayaking, rock climbing and mountaineering find that adequate time can be spent on location, without worrying about a time-schedule.

Discount Tents

An event needs economical space coverage, a shelter that perhaps apart from serving its purpose could add an aesthetic touch, or you plan a camping trip and require an easy to pitch up shelter. You have two options available that of, purchasing a new tent or renting one that suits your purpose. Whatever the case, budget is a consideration, you cannot sideline. Often, your wants and your pocket go diverse ways. You may be looking to buy a tent, but the thought of shelling out those thousands may not be all that appealing after all. This is where you could well opt for discount tents.

Wedding Tents

When it is your big day, you simply want everything to be perfect as the way you had envisioned it. Whether the wedding is on the beach or in the small garden of your house, you definitely do not want it raining down on your dream set up and this can be well avoided, by simply adding a wedding tent to the picture. It is important to remember that wedding tents are a good option only for light to moderate rains and may not hold out during heavy rainstorms. It is also an important consideration, while buying a wedding tent, that it be sturdy, so it doesn’t give away. Usually tents are provided with thick weighted sides for the purpose.

Best RV Rentals

Recreational Vehicles have gained immense popularity over the years. They have become a popular travel and vacation option for those who wish to travel and still not miss out on home. RVs eliminate the need for reservations of hotels, travel bookings and eating at restaurants. They are referred to as homes on wheels. RVs incorporate bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and fully equipped kitchens.

Tent Prices

Events, circuses, camps, weddings, fetes, flea markets, exhibitions; tents find use in almost every sphere. Whatever the case, budget is a consideration, you cannot sideline because eventually, the tent that you go for would in great part depend on what you can afford. To get an overview, the price of the tent depends on its type, material, size and the additional features it offers. While an event tent could cost you anywhere between $400 and $5000, wedding tents in particular are usually priced on the higher side.

RV Rental Companies

The renting of RVs for leisure and business purposes has become increasingly popular. Many families in America have resorted to renting RVs, as a cheap and economical option. An RV is defined as a home on wheels. It allows the traveler to travel extensively, as per his convenience. It is the perfect solution for an outdoor vacation. The cost of renting expensive hotels and resorts is totally eliminated, since most RVs can easily accommodate 4 people.

Where to Rent RVs

Recreational vehicles, better known as RVs, have become popular leisure options. It has gained immense popularity in America, Australia and other places. A recreational vehicle is more like a house on wheels. It provides the comfort and convenience of traveling, second to none. RVs are an expensive buy. Their prices average between $40000 for a cheaper vehicle, to $1000000 for an expensive option, fully loaded or a custom built RV. It is not possible for every one to purchase a RV, but the logical solution to enjoy the pleasure of a road trip and not buy a RV, is to rent one.

Vancouver Winter Wonderland?

Heavy snow in Vancouver intense wind and serious rain makes for a not so typical winter. Snow or no, Vancouver is a beautiful city and rated as one of the best places to live in the world.

Exploring Inwood Hill Park – An Old Growth Forest in New York City

Besides being the only natural (non-landscaped) park on Manhattan Island, trees in Inwood Hill Park have not been cut since the late 1700’s, when the American forces built Fort Cox. Popular folklore has it that Peter Minuit made his legendary purchase of Manhattan Island from the Lenape people living here in 1624; lnwood Hill officially became a New York City park in 1916, saving more than just trees.

Discovering Nature Along the Hudson River in New York City

Nature thrives along the Hudson River hike and bike trails in New York City, where wild plants and animals coexist with urban dwellers. Robins, sparrows and finches go on about their daily lives with no fear of joggers, dog walkers, toddlers, strollers, or traffic. There’s a surprising poetry to this habitat.

Tip and Tricks to Get the Most from Your Camper or Motorhome Holiday in New Zealand

New Zealand is a fantastic motorhome holiday destination with lots to see and do on your travels while enjoying the freedom to pick your own path. A little planning and these tips and tricks will help you get more from your holiday.

Land of a Million Heartbeats – Alaska’s Copper River Delta

The Copper River Delta, with its 700,000 acres of rivers, sloughs, ponds and marshes is the largest contiguous wetland on the West Coast of North America. Each spring as shorebirds and neo-tropical migrants make their way from their wintering grounds in Central and South America to their breeding grounds in the Arctic, the Delta comes alive.

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