30 Day Survival Challenge – Texas: THE MOVIE (Catch & Cook)

Otter Cases – Waterproof Cases Reviewed

Otterbox is a company that manufactures cases for the outdoorsman. They are designed for more heavy usage than the typical plastic case. In fact, a web search for otter cases can show various models being ran over by cars and submerged under water.

Outdoor Canopies a Good Use For Them

Outdoor canopies are great for using as a carport, in the back yard in the patio, great to relax under on a sunny day. This outdoor canopy not only is it good for your own leisure of enjoyment but it can also help when a natural disaster occurs, see how.

Walk the Talk in the Big Apple – New York City Walking Tours

Imagine walking through the history of the Big Apple in one of the many New York City Walking Tours. These are, as the name suggests, walking tours of several places of interest in the city. These tours are normally guided and organized by travel and tourism companies for visitors. As the name suggests, a walking tour usually refers to, a multi-day, either full or partial tour of a city, where walking is the main method of commuting.

San Francisco Nature

I have lived in San Francisco nearly all my adult life. The nature here is unbelievable, with lots of hiking and camping spots North, South, East, or even in the city.

The Stunning Beaches on the Outskirts of Newquay

Newquay has been blessed with a magnificent coastline and an array of breath-taking beaches. Newquay has an amazing selection of beaches to enjoy, ranging from quiet coves to relax on to bustling surfing beaches. The outskirts of Newquay represents a mix of magnificent coastlines, fabulous beaches, crystal clear seas, marine filled rock pools and the most wonderful views to take your breath away. All of the beaches are no more than a fifteen minute drive from the centre of Newquay, so jump in the car and enjoy these beautiful beaches, you won’t be disappointed!

Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Bandhavgarh National Park is home to numerous fauna and flora species. Catch a glimpse of the ferocious beast – Royal Bengal tiger – in Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve.

The Magnificent Agra Fort

Besides being the city of the Taj, Agra is also famous for the Agra Fort. The fort is located near the Taj Mahal in Agra. The fort was constructed by the Mughal Emperor Akbar in year 1565, and is a must visit place when on an Agra tours.

The Wonderful Beaches of Newquay

The beautiful beaches of Newquay and the spectacular coastal scenery have made Newquay Cornwall’s premier resort. Newquay is the beach paradise of the West Country with its seven miles of wonderful golden sands and the surfing capital of Britain.

Beach Activities With Children

Some great ideas of things to do at the beach with your children. There is more to do than building sand castles.

When to Shop For Waterproof Clothing

We all know how girls love to shop. If there is one thing that they have not even seriously considered shopping for, it’s outdoor waterproof clothing. You might think that regular clothes would do, which is fine.

The “Scenic Highlands” of Florida

While Florida is historically the oldest settled portion of the United States, it is not upon early discovery alone that it rests its claim of interest and fascination. The fabled “Fountain of Youth” and stories of magic wealth gave it early fame among explorers, and these lures were in reality based upon tales of the large limestone springs and other physical features of the region. So it was its geology that first gave the country that is now Florida world attention, and the study of the geological making of the State is today of absorbing interest.

Notting Hill Carnival in London

The Europe’s biggest street festival, the Notting Hill Carnival will flood back in London’s Notting Hill this August to make the West London streets alive with the lip-smacking Caribbean food, dynamic sound systems and millions of carnival-goers. Since 1966, annually takes place on August Bank Holiday, the carnival began its journey as a small local festival set up by the Notting Hill’s West Indian community, and now its surprisingly turned into the foremost celebration of its kind.

Are You Lost in the Woods?

There’s a small chance that you will get lost in the woods or some scary and unknown territory. You think it only happens in the movies. But what if you get to be in that situation? Here are tips for you to take note before you really get lost.

Wildlife Holidays in India – The Natural Choice for Seeing the Exotic Wildlife of India

India is blessed with tremendous natural beauty. Part of this beauty is because of the unique flora and fauna that exists in the forests of India.

Plan Your Cooking Trip

Plan your next outdoor cooking trip. Relax, enjoy and cook. Love outdoor cooking.

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