7 Day Fishing & Adventure: Saltwater Multi Species Fishing Outer Banks NC

13 Years On, Can I Cut It ‘Where the Smoke Thunders’ Over the Mighty Zambezi

In May 1992 I met some raft guides in Cape Town. I wasn’t really sure what raft guides actually did but they seemed great fun and had endless funny stories to tell of rafting around the world and particularly on the Zambezi.

Horseback Heaven

When John Spence rides into a herd of grumpy elephant, he’s very happy his alert horse seems already poised for a quick exit.

A First Taste of Africa

Gale Brown and Donna Richards are key members of the Aardvark team, involved in the vital administration that backs up our tailor-made safari operations. This year we felt that they should get a first taste of Africa and sent them on two different safaris: here is how they fared.

Zambia, a Confirmed Zealot

Zambia reminds Jane Cox of the Botswana she knew 15 years ago.

Survival Technique: Learn to Fox Walk

The first thing I learned in my survival classes is that a good shelter in a bad location is a bad shelter. The second thing I learned is that fox walking makes a difference in what you experience in nature and what you miss.

Does Anyone Want To Ride an Ostrich?

Charlotte’s children try their hand at Ostrich riding.

Cycling for the Masai

A big thank you to the friends, colleagues and clients who sponsored me and two friends to take part in Kenya’s ‘10 to 4’ mountain bike challenge, helping us to raise money for the Koiyaki Guide School in the Masai Mara.

A Good Shelter: Debris Shelter Instructions

The woods are a wonderful place for mountain biking, hiking and camping. Did you know all those branches and dried leaves scattered on the ground can be put together to create a shelter that will keep you warm and dry? It’s called a “debris shelter” or “debris hut” – but it’s not trash.

Livingstone Revisited – A Phoenix From The Ashes

John returns to Livingstone where he finds a city revitalised since his last visit.

Cape Town Revisited

The most demanding travel clients are your own family. John Spence takes his wife and five-year-old son to Cape Town, a city he used to call home at the end of the apartheid era. How would the city he remembered live up to his memories?

Namibia From The Air

Charlotte Opperman finds a fly-in safari offers more than just a new perspective on Namibia’s dramatic desert landscapes. Hosted by Namibia’s Schoeman family, she finds herself discovering a whole new world that vehicles just can’t reach. A series of adventures packed into a few short days leave her feeling she’s been away for weeks.

Have You Ever Thought of Having a Party in Africa?

A selection of ideas for celebratory trips in Africa

Braintree City: A Fantastic Destination

Founded and first colonized by Captain Wollaston in 1625, Braintree city was initially named as Mount Wollaston. During the reign of Thomas Morton, it was renamed as Merry Mount. After being resettled and incorporated as a town, it started to be recognized as Braintree.

History of Connecticut: Complemented by Nature

Located in the Northeast of US, Connecticut boasts of being one of the finest destinations in the country. It is one of the six states that combine together to make up the beautiful New England. New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts flank this state which comprises of all necessary elements to get it recognized as a favorite destination of the tourists from al over the globe.

Map of Brunswick: Playing Its Role

Map of Brunswick is an important part of USA when fabulous destinations of the country are discussed. This is the head quarter of the world famous Johnson & Johnson. A city with diverse surroundings and neighborhood, hustling bustling downtown and innovative cultural assets, Brunswick deserves admiration from every visitor.

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