8 Simple Rocket Stoves – How to Make Simple Camping & Survival Stoves

Central Australia’s Magical Palm Valley

Palm Valley is a magical Central Australian tour destination located on hour or two west of Alice Springs in the magnificent Western MacDonnell Ranges. The Finke Gorge National Park covers an area of 46,000 hectares and includes the spectacular Palm Valley, home to over 400 plant types of which more than 30 are considered rare. These rare plants include the Red Cabbage Palm (Livistona mariae), of which there are more than 3000 examples in Palm Valley, many of which are hundreds of years old and form a lush oasis among the rugged red rocks and gorges of the Western MacDonnell Ranges.

Historic Hermannsburg in Central Australia

The Hermannsburg mission was established in 1877 by German Lutheran missionaries about 125 km west of Alice Springs in the majestic Western MacDonnell Ranges in Central Australia. The missionaries settled at permanent waterhole known to the local Western Arrernte people as Koprilya, and named the settlement Hermannsburg after their town of origin in northern Germany.

Historic Arltunga in Outback Central Australia

Arltunga, located about 120 km east of Alice Springs in the Eastern MacDonnell Ranges, was the first town to be built in Central Australia. Established around 1887, this historic mining town is today a ghost town which has been well preserved by the dryness of the surrounding desert environment.

The Hiker’s Checklist

Whether you plan to hike a team or on your own, it’s important to be prepared. Without the right gear, even a short hike can be uncomfortable or even dangerous. Luckily, some simple preparation before you go will allow you to concentrate on enjoying yourself on the trail.

Party Tent

Tents are an important part of any outdoor event.Whether your event is an elegant wedding, a corporate picnic, a convention, an exhibit, a celebration or a seminar, start with the Party Tents.These are Strong and durable. These tents can assume nearly any configuration to meet the demands of the occasion.

Canopy Fittings

There are lot of tarps kits available in the market.Kits have include high quality joint fittings designed to be used with tubing or chain link fence tubing. They include heavy duty tarps available in multiple colors.

Silver Poly Tarps

Silver tarps can be used at home, around the Pool and Yard in Lawn sercices, Lumber Yards and Nurseries, so they are durable.Silver tarps can be used as Baseball or Football Field Covers

Visit Mesa, Arizona

Travel about Arizona to experience the scenic beauty and history of the great American southwest. Featuring Mesa, Arizona…

Canopy Kits

Canopy kits include high quality joint fittings, EMT tubing (electrical conduit) and chain link fence tubing. They include heavy duty tarps in multiple colors and all the ball ties required for assembly

Being Safe in the Great Outdoors

Why do we like to hike and camp? Most of us would say to get back to nature and enjoy what she has to offer. In order to do this lets respect her and be safe.

Deep Thinking on Camp Name Tags

Whether your kids are attending day camp or sleep away camp, these little strips of cloth or nylon ensure that you won’t have to buy your child a brand new wardrobe, each and every week!

Keeping Cool in Arizona!

Well, here we go again. Every year during springtime we sneak a peek at our calendars and dread the rapidly approaching summer. Summer in central and southern Arizona is unlike summer anywhere else. I’m actually starting to get hot just thinking about it. There are all sorts of experts with sage advice on how to successfully…

Picking the Perfect National Park for Your Family Vacation

There are so many decisions that go into deciding a vacation destination. When it involves more than just you and your friend or significant other, it seems to get even more complicated. Small, and even family vacations shouldn’t drive you to drink or pulling all your hair out.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

Khao Sok National Park in Thailand is, quite simply, nature at her best. Whether you’re looking for a holiday full of adventure or one with plenty of time for relaxation, this stunning rainforest oasis will leave you with a lasting impression and a desire to return time and time again to this secret piece of paradise.

The Basics of Rafting The River Rapids

Rafting the river rapids is a major adrenaline rush. If you are going to hit the rapids, you need to know some of the basic language thrown around in the sport.

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