9 Minimalist Wilderness Survival Shelters

Fall Festivities in Spartanburg

A Spartanburg, South Carolina hotel highlights fall 2012 festivities in the Spartanburg area. A corn maze, ghost tours, and a regional fair provide fun activities for families.

Adventure Outdoors New Zealand Style Begins at Franz Josef Glacier

It wouldn’t be right to talk about the Glacier without talking about the town of Franz Josef, located just five miles from each other. The glacier itself is a constantly changing piece of ice, a spot on the West Coast of the South Island where the ultimate goal is your bragging rights on saying you’ve hiked a glacier.

Beaches In Madagascar

Madagascar is better known for its beautiful and unique lemurs and wildlife. Also, there are a lot left in store to check in this Island today as the islands are encompassed with attractive and exciting sandy beaches. These beaches are filled with reefs and all sorts of fish.

Campervan Hire in Manchester – A Classic Way to Tour the North West of England’s Largest City

Hiring a campervan is the ideal way to tour Manchester and the surrounding area. If you’re into self sufficiency, the outdoors, and motoring holidays then Campervan rental is definitely for you.

Keep It Safe – Bonfire Safety

Let’s start off with – I’m a Guy. And, as a Guy, I am duty bound to love all things fire.

Concerts and Festivals Around the World

Concerts and music festivals around the world have become a billion dollar industry and can include anything from a single musical group to a series of groups playing over a number of days. The music types can incorporate any and all styles including classical, popular…

Ohio: The Perfect Place To Get Away

Either it for a day trip or for a week’s vacation, visiting Ohio can be a perfect place to be escaped from the din and bustle of everyday life. Being situated in the Midwestern area, it is the 7th most populous and 10th most densely populated state of the USA. The name of the state has come from the word ‘ohi-yo’, an Iroquois word, meaning ‘great river’.

Oklahoma: Welcome To The Peaceful Serenity Of Rural Land

The common scenario of the rural America can be described as the combination of strangely colorful sunsets, eye-soothing green vineyards, wineries, sweet-smelling lavender farms, etc. These typical scenarios are best flourished in Oklahoma. If tourists want to have some different touristic experiences, they can take visits to some agro-tourism adventure spots that are this state’s own property.

Fall Is Fair Time in Columbia

A Columbia, South Carolina hotel highlights the South Carolina State Fair. The 2012 fair runs October 10-21 at the fairgrounds in Columbia.

Rhode Island: The Land Of Beaches

Rhode Island, a state of the United States, is a nice place to visit. Though it is a tiny state, tourists will find so much to do here. Its major recreational features are the existence of a number of beaches which can be perfectly assumed from the nickname of this state, which is, ‘The Ocean State’. People come here mainly for visiting these attractive beaches and explore all the water-related enjoyments.

Fall Photography “An Abstract Vision”

Have you ever considered another way of visually expressing fall color in photography? Most people become enamored with capturing the changing of the season by shooting trees and theirs leaves in transition with very little thought in doing so in a creative way. Grant it, the subject in and of itself, often is enough to render an incredible result, but often due to circumstances beyond our control the environment, in which find ourselves shooting in, are sometimes less than ideal. If this is the situation that you find yourself shooting in, then consider a creative alternative, that may offer an extra-ordinary result that will be creatively rewarding as well to you.

Natural Attractions on the Island of Cyprus

The beautiful island of Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, to the south east of Greece and south of Turkey. The island enjoys a mild climate and has a rich natural heritage.

Michigan: An Under-Appreciated Tourist Spot

The climate and the landscape of the state keep changing with the inauguration of the different seasons which provide wonderful scenic beauties to the travelers. The warm summer gives the freedom to swim in the water while the snowy winter offers thrilling cross-country skiing experience. The chilly fall, with trees turning and clean weather, spreads a beautiful poetic melancholy on the landscapes, while the spring announces the stir of life by bringing back the color green on the flora life.

Festive Fall Events on Atlanta’s North Side

An Atlanta perimeter hotel highlights festive fall events on Atlanta’s north side. The city of Sandy Springs is home to the Sandy Springs Festival, the Elegant Elf Marketplace, and a weekly farmers market.

Selecting the Right Bike for Your Needs

Many people are looking to bicycles as alternatives to cars for short trips around town in order to save money. For some people this requires rediscovering riding a bike for the first time in many years. When looking for a bicycle, it is important to determine what kind of bike will best suit your needs. Gone are the days as a child where the most important feature of your bike was the color!

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