Alaskan Fishing & Camping Glacier Adventure – 2 days at sea

The Sheer Beauty of a Coral Reef

Let me tell you about the first time I ever came across the splendor of a coral reef. At the time I was going on a trip to Fiji. In fact, it wasn’t exactly a trip to Fiji but actually a prolonged stopover. I was traveling from Auckland to Los Angeles and they offered me a stopover in Fiji only for only $20.

Longneck African Giraffe – Distinctive Walking Gait – Unknown Outside Of Africa

Ancient cultures in Africa revered the giraffe, as some modern cultures do today, and commonly depicted it in prehistoric rock and cave paintings. Unknown outside of Africa, early written records described the giraffe as “magnificent in appearance, bizarre in form, unique in gait, colossal in height and inoffensive in character.”

Lisbon: Interestingly Beautiful

You come across several examples of funky arts, architecture and traditions on many occasions, however, very few of them last long in your memory. Lisbon, the capital of Portugal is purely an exception to this fact. You will remember this place forever even if you visit it only once.

Down Sleeping Bag: A Sound Snooze

For those who are planning on traveling in the colder months, then you may want to opt for a down sleeping bag versus a synthetic sleeping bag. Down elements regularly provides better warmth without causing you to have to lift a mountain of materials on your back.

Wintertime Honeymoon Vacation Ideas in the Yellowstone Area

Yellowstone area is a great place for honeymooners. Wintertime is not only gorgeous, but there are plenty of activities available. Here are some sample agendas for your honeymoon or romantic getaway.

If Doing a First Time Wilderness Canoe Trip, Take a Course And Do It Right!

A wilderness canoe trip is a great way to experience Canada. The challenge is getting the experience of how to do it. Some outfitting canoe companies now offer canoe tripping courses for the novice canoeist that develop needed skills and how-to-knowledge.

Beaches and Weather in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya Mexico

Come visit the beautiful beaches in Playa del Carmen where the weather is always tropical and warm. You will absolutely enjoy the Crystal Blue Carbbean Sea, the white sandy beaches, and the laid back attittude.

Whale Watching Tips

California offers some of the BEST whale watching in the world! It’s possible to go out any month of the year and see whales and/or dolphin. The following tips will help make your whale watching adventure more enjoyable.

7 Tips For Better Snorkelling Skills

Snorkelling is a fun pastime that can be enjoyed by practically anyone with a few tips and a little practice in the pool. The more experienced snorkeller may benefit from a few of these hints too.

Newest Adventure Destination In Alaska – Cordova!

Cordova, Alaska has long been known as a fisherman’s best kept secret. But adventure seekers feel like they’ve found the prize in Cordova. From water sports like whitewater rafting and kayaking to hiking, mountain biking and ice climbing, Cordova has a lot to offer. And although it’s slightly off the beaten path of mainstream tourism, it is relatively easy to access.

Thunder Rock, Tennessee: A Place Where Natural Treasures Abound

Thunder Rock, a campground in Tennessee’s Cherokee National Forest, draws countless nature enthusiasts year-round to partake in its beauty and natural splendour.

Nub’s Nob Ski Vacations – Is this Michigan’s Best?

Nub’s Nob in Michigan is best known for its family-friendly ski mountain with the best snow available in the Midwest United States. For many generations, this is where children and adults have learned their very first attempts at skiing. Find out more…

Lost Valley Ski Vacations – Free Ski Lessons Anyone?

The city of Auburn, Maine, in the northeast part of our country, proudly boasts of nearby Lost Valley Ski Resort, making sure its slopes are covered with plenty of artificial snow for the arriving winter skiers, snowboarders, and winter sport fans. Find out more…

Mount Snow Ski Vacations – Are These Safe For The Entire Family?

Southern Vermont is the home of the superb Mount Snow, closest major ski area in the northeast to nearby metropolitan areas. Find out more…

Diving in Currents

After living in Fiji and diving professionally in a lot of current here, here are a few basic tips to ease your mind, increase your comfort, and decrease your air consumption! This is important in the main dive areas of Fiji, Taveuni, Kadavu and Vatu-i-Ra.

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