Alice Pack Mod, Hand Drill, Bush Coffee And New Knives

Buying a Waterproof Blanket – What You Should Consider

Before purchasing a waterproof blanket, you need to consider a couple of factors. Doing so will allow you to choose the right blanket that meets your requirements and will not leave you disappointed.

Fire Pits For Outdoor Enjoyment

Do you love the outdoors even when it’s chilly outside? Then come outside and enjoy the warm and festive glow of an elegant fire pit. Fire pits will enhance your outdoor event such as roasting marshmallows, hot dogs or just enjoying a cozy romantic evening in your own back yard or patio. This is a great way for family bonding time as you gather round your fire pit telling stories and making s’mores.

Experience an Arizona Climbing Adventure: The Browns Peak Summit Hike, Four Peaks Wilderness

With an average daily temperature of 110 degrees plus here in Phoenix everyday, it’s by late August that summers start feeling really long and extremely hot! I’ve been asked many times, how do you deal with the heat? Or the popular, why would anyone want to live here when it’s so hot? And I generally respond “well at least you don’t have to shovel the heat!” And in fact, even in the middle of August, here in Phoenix you can get outdoors and out of heat anytime because here in the state of Arizona, its so wonderfully diverse that you will be amazed to discover, if you love the outdoors like I do, that there is always something new, fun and adventurous to do, see and explore here anytime of the year! Arizona, with its vast wilderness terrain, vertical rock canyons and rugged mountain ranges & peaks, has so many beautiful places to get out hiking, but also offers many exciting places to go and experience the adventure of rock climbing too!

Mountain Ski Resorts: It’s All About Convenience and Amenities

Mountain resorts offer individuals the chance to connect with the unique landscape, the opportunity to engage in vigorous activity, and luxurious amenities that aid in rest and relaxation. Anything else would be an utter travesty from a mountain resort. Unfortunately, not all ski resorts provide the best amenities and utter convenience to outside recreation. There are, however, several telltale signs that a ski resort is a great value with plenty of recreational and relaxation opportunities – it’s just a matter of knowing what to look for and what one should expect at a top-notch mountain resort.

Nature, Human and African Landscape

Life is interesting! Not because of the usual few reasons that we always dwell on. It is interesting due to the fact that it has an enormous number of surprises for us. As a layman, I would wonder, “how God designed this life?”. But as a Physicist, I wonder, “how to make life capable enough of understanding nature?”. Either of the cases, there is no answer. Or the answer is, “lets keep going on, there is nothing we can do about it!”.

Casablanca Beach Resort – Great Value for Money in Goa

Goa, almost synonymous with the sea, is a paradise for beach lovers. Each year it attracts tourists from around the globe in multitudes. Plainly the beach is what attracts everyone and the numerous beach resorts in Goa earn an instant thumbs-up for the services that they provide.

Hotels for a Heavenly Stay – Hotel Kodaikanal International

South India is a haven when it comes to holiday destinations; Kodaikanal being one of them. The nearest airports to this nature’s basket are Madurai at 120 km and Coimbatore at 190 km. Kodaikanal to Bangalore is a 456 km drive on NH7, on an excellent road backed with mesmerizing sceneries.

Kumbakonam Hotels – The Perfect Getaway

Kumbakonam, the temple city of Tamil Nadu, India is the second largest city in the district of Thanjavur. Most people visit this beautiful place to pay their respects to the multitude of temples there and to study their architectural grandeur.

Costa Rica’s Lapa Rios Eco Lodge

Set in 1000 acres of private nature reserve in Costa Rica’s last remaining lowland tropical rainforest, Lapa Rios eco lodge is an ideal family adventure vacation destination, combining comfort, superb eco exploration, eco education and fun. A luxurious escape to nature, Lapa Rios is nestled within the rainforest of the Osa Peninsula overlooking the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean at Golfo Dulce.

5 Things You Can Do In Your Penguin Island Tours

Phillip Island, which is also fondly known as the Penguin Island especially by Chinese tourists, is one of the most popular destinations in Australia. It is located to the south-southeast of Melbourne, Victoria and quite off the coast of Perth. With an area of 12.5 hectares, it is the home of the Little Penguins, which is known as the biggest population of the species in the country.

Scalloping From Cape San Blas Florida

Learn to scallop when you visit Cape San Blas Florida. A good location on St Joseph Bay for boaters is the home named Bayrock. Bayrock is a larger home with a smaller home adjacent which is ideal for couples with a boat. You can stay one night or a whole month. There is a 500′ dock to tie your boat to. Within minutes from leaving the dock you can be catching sea trout, red fish, flounder, tarpon and mullet. You can also leave the bay and do some deep sea fishing for grouper, snapper and tuna. Don’t forget the famous Cape San Blas beaches known for contoured sand dunes and sugar white sand that squeaks under your feet. Come and enjoy the emerald green waters for a weekend or a month.

The Summer Holidays: For More Than Just Sunbathing

For many holidaymakers, the summer holidays are a prime time to go abroad and get a lovely suntan. But lying on a beach or by the pool day in and day out for two weeks can get boring, so here are a few suggestions for activities to do on your next summer holiday.

Wilderness Survival Preparation Tips

Before you begin your trip into the wilderness, there are some basic skills you must learn. There are four basic needs that must be met to survive. Warmth, water, sleep and food must be provided for wilderness survival.

Mahabalipuram Beach Resorts – An Ideal Way to Unwind

Mahabalipuram is a small beachside town located in the Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu. The area is known for its scenic beaches, ancient temples and luxurious resorts by the beaches. It attracts a large number of tourists who consider it an ideal destination to rejuvenate and unwind in the wide selection of Mahabalipuram Hotels.

Alternative Safaris With a Twist

A safari is any overland journey, and doesn’t necessarily have to be all about wildlife spotting from a Jeep in Africa. If you fancy trying a safari with a different theme, or a wildlife safari with an added twist, read on for some inspiration…

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