Bears In Katmai National Park

The LED Rescue Light Should Be in Your Wilderness Survival Kit

Hundreds of people write about wilderness survival kits and what you should place in them. The new LED Rescue Light is a form of a wilderness survival kit.

Hire An RV and Uncover Vancouver

There is a great selection of RVs available that can be picked up right in Vancouver’s city centre as well as at the airport, all which offer a great way to uncover Vancouver. Cruise Canada’s C25 – Standard Motorhome is the most budget-friendly in the fleet and can sleep up to five people, while Traveland RV Rentals’ PT – 31′ Class A Motorhome is the most luxurious RV on offer in Vancouver.

Kayak Titusville Florida’s Fox Lake

Fox Lake is one of the Space Coast’s Hidden Gems when it comes to Kayaking. Be prepared to see everything from Alligators to Otters, Limpkins to Ospreys and more in a beautiful wilderness setting just along the western edge of Titusville Florida.

Cycling The West Ashley Greenway

It was still dark as I pulled into the parking lot. I had ridden this trail a couple of times before but had never started out this early. March in South Carolina; it’s hard to predict the weather from one day to the next. I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and had brought along a sweatshirt just in case the temperature felt cooler than anticipated. As I readied my bike and began to stretch, I concluded the sweatshirt wasn’t necessary; so I locked my car, saddled my bike, snapped my shoes into the pedals and began my ride. I was about 5 minutes into the ride when a stark reality suddenly became quite clear to me… the sweat shirt was indeed an absolute necessity. I made an immediate U-turn, successfully retrieved my sweat shirt and once again began my ride; only this time feeling… a bit more comfortable.

Transforming an Average Group Into a Great Team

Building better teams out of an average group of skilled individuals is an Art. It requires an innovative, unique and fun filled approach towards team building.

The Best Adventure Days Out You Can Have This Weekend

Have you ever felt miserable and bored at work? Or frustrated to be going through the same routine day-in and day-out?

Kayaking Adventure in the Yarlung Tsangpo River, Tibet

A natural wonder in itself with loads of scenic splendor and racing whitewater action, kayaking the Yarlung Tsangpo River in Tibet is indeed a kayaker’s dream come true. The enormously deep gorges, foamy cascading whitewaters, larger than life canyons and the kaleidoscopic beauty and mystique of the whole region add even more allure to the invigorating expedition.

Kayaking in Glacier Bay, Alaska

Kayaking along the icy straits in Glacier Bay National Park promises to be ultimate fun for experienced and novice kayakers. One of the top five kayaking destinations, Glacier Bay has been declared by UNESCO as the largest protected biosphere in the world – with unimaginable tons of rock and ice. Glacier Bay covers an area of 1,375 square miles of glaciers, offering you some of the finest kayaking opportunities ever.

Rafting the Siang River, India

Rafting the Siang River, India, is like taking a flight on the dragon’s back! It’s definitely an adventure that will pump your adrenalin and give you an all time high. No roller coasters in the world match the thrill of rafting in Siang. With plenty of class IV and class V rapids to test your mettle, the Siang River presents plenty of other opportunities, including overnight camping and visits to tribal areas of Arunachal Pradesh.

Sea Kayaking Adventure Holidays in Milos Greece

Milos is blessed with around 70 beaches that vary from the sandy beach of Papafragas, surrounded by rocky walls, to the beach of Firiplaka dotted with colored rocks. Amid the setting sun and the aqua blue color of the sea, it is just the perfect place to laze around, meditate, finish writing a book, or enjoy the simple pleasure of adventure. Adventure on this island has a name, and it’s called “kayaking.”

Walking Tracks in Rotorua

With all of its thrills, from bungy jumping to skydiving, the fine dining and expensive resorts, one of the best things you can find yourself doing during a stay in New Zealand also happens to be one of the most simple. Known for lush forests and breathtaking landscapes, walking and hiking is one of the easiest and most unforgettable ways to immerse yourself in everything that makes the country what it is.

The Best Month of the Year to Photograph in Hawaii

In my book, there’s really only one month out of the year to visit Hawaii if you’re a photographer. You’d never guess – and it’s not a summer month!

A Fishing Adventure in Islamorada

Islamorada is a famous fishing destination, as it features diverse species of underwater creatures. Many boat rentals are also available in the area to help anglers with their catch. Read on to know more about Islamorada fishing.

A Day Outdoors

A day outdoors brings a smile to my face. But let’s face it: a day outdoors is not the same as a two hour walk in the woods. It takes a bit more preparation and requires some gear. A two hour walk in the woods you can prep for with hardly any thinking and requires maybe a bottle of water and little else. A day in the woods, well… have a seat and let’s think this through.

Marine Life Of The Kaikoura Coast

Kaikoura is a small town on the East Coast on the South Island of New Zealand. Kaikoura is 180km north of Christchurch, and is a noted tourism destination for both domestic and international visitors. This tourism is based on the astounding natural beauty and rich marine life.

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