Building Log Cabin By Hand – 9 Days Winter Camping with 3 yr Old in Bushcraft Primitive Shelter

Discover the Beautiful World of the Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean is a delightful place. Discover it’s true beauty inside this article.

Experience the Beauty of the Caribbean Beaches

Caribbean islands offer you Caribbean beaches that are second to none. The beaches here are sure to take your breath away. The beaches boast of white warm sand and clear pristine water.

The Tragic Triumph of the Ghost Gorilla

His uniqueness singled him out as a superstar but also ensured that he could never live the life that destiny intended!

Top 5 Seattle Beaches to Visit

Seattle is surrounded by water. So what better way to spend your time than in it. Visit these Seattle beaches for a wonderful view and experience by the water.

Hunting and Fishing: I Gear Up for Ice Fishing

I decide to gear up for ice fishing and make a site visit. Big Foot not spotted this time. Needed equipment and its cost. I’m waiting for spring.

Migration – How Do Those Birds Do It?

How do they monitor the Earth’s magnetic field & overcome the problem of true north vs. magnetic north deviations? What different types of flying techniques also play a major role in the migration of birds?

A Filly Injured By A Bear Was Saved By Love And Care

A flashback from the life of a nomadic horsewoman, living under the sky in the high-altitude mountains of the Western Himalaya.

Australian Beach Travel Tips

Swimming in the Australian surf can either be a great day out or a life threatening risk. You choose. For a safe and fun day at the beach read through some true blue beach tips that might save your life!

The Aurora Borealis – Nature’s Fabulous Light Show

The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is rated by many as the greatest natural wonder in the world. This Article will tell you what it is, and where, when and how to see it at its absolute best.

Cultures of the Viru Valley (of Peru)

A small area perhaps, with a big dent in the cultural field of Peru (a river valley leading out of the Andes to the Coast), perhaps dating back to 1050 BC, with several cultures coming out from the valley, or call them cultural shifts to AD 600, and beyond (I have spent some time in this area; as I have in most if not all, areas I write about).

5 Basic Safety Tips for Hikers

While hiking is generally great fun and something of an adventure it is not without its risks and every year a small number of hikers unfortunately get themselves lost or sustain injuries out on the trail. This article looks at five basic tips to ensure that your hiking adventures keep you safe.

The Travelers’ Temperature Predicaments (2)

Temperature measurement is very important to a whole range of areas and activities: science, scientific research, manufacturing, medicine and travel. Many European, Asian and African businessmen and tourists often travel to the USA and UK.

Circus Tents

Circus show rings go back a long way down the lanes of entertainment industry. Earlier the circus organizers used to build temporary wooden spaces for their performances as they travelled from city to city. They thus, naturally had to bear restricted mobility of their act until the 19th century when canvas tents finally made their way into the psychedelic and colourful world of the circus. They could now perform in more cities and on a much larger scale. Today, we even have the three ring circuses that allow the spectators to watch three different acts simultaneously.

Event Tents

Perhaps the tents find their most common and frequent use during events, be it birthdays, trade fairs, craft exhibitions, fetes, weddings or wedding rehearsal parties. Event tents are available in a variety of colors and sizes and a great choice for any event. In addition to dazzling colors, event tents also offer protection from not only weather but also from fire. Most tent covers are certified by the State fire Marshall of the respective state as being fire resistant. Whatever the event, a tent could give that aesthetic appearance while serving the purpose of a comfortable shelter. These tents look elegantly appealing while keeping the set up open and shaded. The kind, size, color and design of the tent of course depend upon the scale of the event and the gathering involved.

New Zealand RV Rentals

RVs have become a popular indulgence in America and across the world. Many people have come to realize the ease and convenience they provide. It eliminates the need for reservation of hotels and resorts, time- defined travel, inconvenience and expensive hotel bills. RVs enable freedom and leisure while traveling across vast landscapes. A travel route can be pre-planned and with the RV there is no restriction on when it commences or ends.

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