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City of Des Moines: An Interesting Place

City of Des Moines is rich in all sorts of tourist attractions. It is the capital of Iowa. Living History Farms, Zoo, parks, theatres and anything you name you will find that here. Something for everyone seems to be the hallmark of this place. Start your day at the elegant Living History Farms and head for the Blank Park zoo in the afternoon to have a quality time.

Erie: The Fun Going On

Unlimited fun and unfading joy are the two special characteristics of Erie located on the shores of Lake Erie. It is situated at equal distance from Pittsburgh, Cleveland OH, and Buffalo NY. You will find Erie in the extreme northwest corner of Pennsylvania. The peninsular part, Presque Isle State Park, of Erie sticks out into the lake–do not ever forget to visit this stunning place. Presque Isle Park is a sandy peninsula equipped with attractive scenery.

Thermal City Gold Mine Trip

Buddy and I did recover a fair amount of Gold from our load of dirt and enjoyed the weekend, except for the sleepless night with the trains.

Canaan New York: Small Yet Attractive

Located in the North East part of USA in Columbia County, Canaan New York is very well known amongst tourists for its attractions. The crystal clear Queechy Lake and marvelous countryside impart this city an eternal beauty. Lifestyle is simple in Canaan despite being a center of quality shopping and entertainment facilities. Joe and Gail’s Canaan Market is a favorite one amongst both in locals and visitors to pick up some delicious home made pastries and other items.

How to Calculate Wind Speed

This handy chart is useful in determining how fast the wind is blowing. It is an excellent supplement to building your own anemometer if you are preparing to study wind as a nature topic.

History of the Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier has been many things in its long history – a place of adventure, entertainment and romance. Learn a bit about its famous history from its humble beginnings in 1909 to its modern entertainments.

Park City Utah Winter Activities

This article talks about the many winter activities offered by the town of Park City Utah.

City of Chattanooga: Highly Appreciable

City of Chattanooga is rich in natural assets. Beautifully nestled in a valley through which the Tennessee River runs. This highly industrial town is a favorite destination of the tourists. The splendid environment further adds to the look and feel of this city. Being amidst a group of mountains, this city offers plethora of eye soothing natural attractions.

City of Chicago: Plethora of Attractions

When you name Chicago, discussions on exotic food, restaurants, jazz and blue club spontaneously starts. Recognized as a city in 1835, this place became one of the favorite destinations in the world. “Everything for everyone” seems to be the hallmark of the city. If you do not like to listen to music, go for the fabulous wine and dining experience at magnificent restaurant. City of Chicago receives acclamation for all its architectural, historical and modern assets.

Cincinnati: A Cultural Spot

City of Cincinnati is a cultural spot where tourists from all across the globe land in. The streets of this city are still occupied by the German style houses as this place was primarily developed by Germans. Initially developed mainly as a factory city, it emerged as one of the modern and culturally diverse cities of USA. With the development over the period, the inhabitants resorted to English language besides German. The famous Ohio River draws its border with Kentucky.

City of Dallas: Luxury in Style

City of Dallas, the third largest municipality in Texas, is a nice place to visit. Do be at DFW Metroplex in the city is Texas’s largest metropolitan area and Texas itself stands at 7th position as municipality in terms of area. With a population of more than 5 million, this city has wide range of attractions for everyone. Dallas is a paradise of sports lovers.

City of Charlotte: Historical and Modern

United States offers a bunch of magnificent destinations to the tourists. Boston, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and many other names constitute the list of fabulous places for an excursion. Anyone can hardly disagree on the fact that this region in the world map has got a distinction amongst destinations because of fabulous historical and modern credentials.

Is The African Lion On The Verge Of Extinction?

How much longer will the lion be around for safari seekers to study in the wild? Will the king of the beasts survive the next 20 years?

An Introduction to Ornithology – Bird Watching

We humans are great at giving sophisticated titles to things we enjoy. In fact, here is an introduction to Ornithology, better known as bird watching.

Walking Jackets: Some Things You Should Know

After your boots, your walking jacket is probably your most important item of gear. Yet with so many different brands, how do you choose? This article gives a brief run-down of the types available and my opinion of their strengths and weaknesses.

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