Campfire Prime Rib Roast – Cooking Christmas Feast over Campfire. How to Sous Vide Prime Rib Hack

Basics of Purchasing a Night Vision Optic

Night vision optics are an excellent tool for anyone wishing to explore the unseen world after dark. Discover the basic tools for choosing the best night vision monocular or binocular for your particular application.

Large Tents – A Complete Review

Here comes summer, and we all are aware what that means! Camping and great outdoor fun season. Al right! It’s not quite summer as yet, but its close enough. So long as the temperature is good and the sun is shining outside, you’re pretty much good to go! Are your camping supplies redady yet? As for me, I am one of those people who always have the necessities at hand. Right from large tents to sleeping bags, to campfire cooking utensils, it’s all ready to go. I just like to be prepared.

The Wild Boar or Sanglier in France: Wild Boar Facts

When I spoke to our Farmer Coco about strange noises we had heard at night, he showed me a patch of torn up pasture and told me it was a “sanglier”. This rang a bell and when I looked it up in my dictionary, discovered he had been talking about wild boar. Well I hadn’t realised we had wild boar in this region of France. I did some research and here it is

Best of Hawaii, Breathtaking Kauai

Visit Hawaii’s “Garden Isle” breathtaking Kauai. Check out the activities on Kauai, Hawaii’s most beautiful island.

Visit Northern California’s Shasta Lake, Playground of the Shasta Cascades

The beauty of Shasta Lake is that it is regarded as one of the most peaceful locations in California. Nestled between stunning mountaintops and crystal clear water – this lake provides a large array of activities to choose from.

Tourists and Caravans in France

Touring with caravans and staying at different camp sites.

Some Famous Italians of Today

Famous Italians : Information about great Italians today

Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner In Barbados

If the beautiful island of Barbados is on your radar for the holidays and being in the kitchen is not a part of the package, then I have a food court and two restaurants for you to bear in mind while visiting there.

Touring the Swiss Alps on Foot

Swiss Alps are the central portion of the Alps mountain range that lies within Switzerland.

Hypothermia – The Silent Killer

Hypothermia is a significant risk in the great outdoors. Knowing what it is and how it creeps up on you is vital to remaining free of it’s clutches. Know this silent killer.

Dovedale in Derbyshire, UK

Dovedale is one of Derbyshire’s finest and most popular dales. It is little more than 3 miles distance between Thorpe and Milldale in the north and is most famous for the wooded ravine between the stepping stones,a short distance from the car park at the front of Thorpe Cloud and the cave like Dove Holes. Dovedale`s stepping stones appear on thousands of post cards and the area attracts a million visitors a year.

New Custom Knives And A Custom Knife Thay You Have To See To Believe

I just had to tell you all about my most recent custom knife buying ventures. I saw so many great custom knives that I thought you all would really appreciate.

RV v.s. Tents – a Comfort Issue

There are two styles of camping, both very enjoyable but both with different pros and cons. Deciding on a camping trip is easy, but what isn’t so simple is choosing whether you’d like to spend your holiday in tents or in an RV. Personality types that prefer the outdoors and roughing it are probably going to think tents are the only way to go, and those people who enjoy living in the lap of luxury will definitely rent an RV for maximum comfort.

Bontebok – Damaliscus dorcas dorcas

Bontebok are confined in their distribution to a restricted area in the southwestern Cape Province, lying between Bredasdorp and Cape Agulhas. Historically their area of occurrence was somewhat larger, extending from Bot River to Mossel Bay and inland to the Sondereind and Langeberg mountains

Abbott Duiker – Cephalophus spadix

Abbott’s duiker is one of the so-called “giant duikers”, weighing 50-60 kg and measuring 100-140 cm in length

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