Camping & Fishing on Abandoned Island (Discovered 100 year old Graves)

Athens: to Forget or to Neglect

Now, after more then ten years I consider again a visit to Athens. Why did it take so long? I can’t give any reasonable explanation. Probably it has to do with Athens itself. Maybe it is the silence which has covered the city. Now, rethinking the last decade, I can’t give any point when my attention to Athens could have been revived.

Great British Walks: There’s A Lot More To The British Outdoors Than You Might Have Expected

Britain’s National Trails are the grand-daddies of long distance paths. Fresh-air fanatics can take you to the highlands of Scotland, or follow the Pennine Hills across the backbone of England, or scramble in rocky Snowdonia, North Wales, where the team that first conquered Mount Everest did their training. I prefer the walks that roll down off a grassy ridge into a picturesque village, which — unless you’re very unlucky — will have its cosy country pub serving good beer and food. What better excuse to come on a walking holiday?

Baltimore City: A Fine Depiction

Baltimore is undoubtedly one of the finest depictions of history and innovation. It features things that suit to the eyes of every tourist. This port city with an atmosphere throughout which a special international flavor pervades, is surrounded by neighborhoods that boast of their distinct charm and culture. Baltimore city lies in the state of Maryland of USA on the bank of Patapsco River.

City Bethel Alaska: Full of Thrill

Located on the banks of winding Androscoggin River, Bethel has developed on the rolling Oxford Hills. White Mountain rough foothills back the city. It is not only year round resort but also a wonderful hub of educational center and wood production establishments.

Berlin City: A Nice Destination

A town of Hartford County, Connecticut, United States, Berlin City is a residential and industrial spot having a population of 18,215. Encompassing the hamlet of Kensington, This city has enough of educational institutions. Despite being a small town, it happens to be a nice blend of historical and modern features. Three elementary and two middle schools are enough to serve the purpose of making the growing generation knowledgeable.

Bar Harbor Travel: A Significant Experience

Once considered to be a small fishing and ship building community, Bar Harbor is one of the favorite destinations of tourists from all around the globe. It features a wide range of recreational amenities. Located in Downeast, Bar Harbor is a hub of spectacular beauty and natural wonder for people inclined to travel. Every tour of this city gains you the most exclusive experience.

Adventure Weekends – A New Concept in Travel for Today’s Busy Professionals

Today’s busy professionals do not have the time to take week-long vacations to Europe or the Orient. They are looking for quick weekend getaways that can give them a break from the day-to-day stresses of the office, without transferring that stress to their pocketbooks.

UK RIghts Of Way: Ten Things You May Not Know About Them

If you’re new to country walking in the UK, or are planning a visit and would like to enjoy a walk in the countryside, you may be confused as to just where you can and can’t go. The short article that follows should serve to demystify the meaning of all those finger-posts, yellow arrows and stiles that are dotted about everywhere. So here are ten things you may not know about UK Public Rights of Way . . .

Somak – Spice of Life

Zanzibar is visually stunning, with beautiful beaches, unique forest reserves and plantations evergreen with fruit, vegatables and spices. Somak offer a choice of four different hotels in historic Stone Town. All holidays to Zanzibar can be enjoyed as a stand alone destination or can be combined with either Tanzania or Kenya’s fantastic game parks.

Hello Nessie, Are You In?

The legend of the Loch Ness monster is still very much alive today. Loch Ness which is located in the Scottish Highlands is one of the most scenic places in Scotland. It is a place where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Do not miss this place when you are in Scotland.

Outdoors Survival – Prepare For The Worst

Avoid becoming a statistic when heading outdoors. Proper planning and expecting the worst, can mean the difference between life and death. Knowing the basics of outdoor survival is essential for anyone venturing into the woods.

Glen Ivy Enhances Spa

If you have not been to Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa, Corona, California in the past year, you will be pleasantly surprised at the amazing enhancements the Spa has made.

Glen Ivy Goes to the Beach

The original, authentic Southern Californian day spa since 1860,Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, California opens its fourth location in Hermosa Beach today. As the South Bay’s newest and largest day spa, Glen Ivy Day Spa, Hermosa Beach will feature 20 treatment rooms, lavish men’s and women’s facilities, a wide range of beauty & body therapies and Glen Ivy’s signature social spa experience, “The Grotto”.

Light House Poster Angels and Demons

The ancient Light House of Alexandria which was built in 3 BC, and towered near 400 feet, was one of the last remaining seven wonders of the world.

City of Augusta Maine: Commercially Beautiful

City of Augusta Maine is situated on both sides of Kennebec River. It is known as a world class capital city and a terrifically fantastic place for entrepreneurs. Augusta offers boundless growth to the business graph of every entrepreneur. Since 1827 it has been a prime spot for employment, service and commerce.

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