Camping on Abandoned Island & Creepy Mansion Infested with Crabs

Plaster Casting at Summer Camp

My favorite camping trip came when I was about the age of 12. We went to a Provincial ground that held Ranger camps for kids every morning. We would learn about native plants and animals to the area. One morning we even made birdhouses! My favorite of all was..

Traveling through Europe

The summer of 2005, my friend and I decided to apply for a summer program as part of our graduate degree and travel from United States to Europe and specifically to Brugges in Belgium, so as to attend an intensive seminar at The College of Europe on Politics, Policies, Lobbying and the European Union.

A Summer Game

One morning I woke up just to realize that June was already here! My comforter, which almost never leaves my bed, was wrapped around my body and I was sweating like a pig.

County Kildare May Have More to Offer Visitors this Autumn than the Ryder Cup

As golfing fans from Europe and North America descend upon the K Club this autumn, we take a closer look at what the relatively unexplored region of County Kildare has to offer the visitor.

An Insider’s Travel Guide to Iguassu Falls

Plan an Iguassu Falls trip with the help of an insider friend living in the area.

The Barbecue Experience

If you read the title and immediately opened the file thinking that this cooking method was included in the outdoor activities section by mistake, don’t be surprised.

A Companionable Fall

They walked on as a cool zephyr brought just the faintest scent of winter from the high, white-capped mountains to the east. Her companion took a deep breath. “The most colorful time of the year, don’t you think?”

Devil’s Peak Lookout

I went hiking August 19th up Devil’s Peak in Mt. Hood National Forest near Portland, OR. I wrote up a brief report of my trip.

North Carolina Log Home Living – The Nirvana of Nature

Log homes by themselves offer a majestic environment to their owners. But when you combine a luxury log home with a beautiful landscape like the Blue Ridge Parkway, you reach the “nirvana” of natural living.

Skiing in Bansko, Bulgaria

Have you considered Skiing in the new ski resort of Bansko, Bulgaria. Check out a little about this exquisite place and when are the best times to visit …

A Properly Cared For Tent Can Give You Many Years Of Service

I no people that have had the same tent for five ten years and the tent is still going strong. How many times have you seen a bird do his job on your tent or a tree dripped sap on the tent and you thought to yourself that the next time we have a nice day I will clean that off, well that next day never comes and you forgot about it.

Glacier National Parks

National Parks are protected areas filled with natural beauty. Glacier National Park is located in Montana and is famous for its serene and calm environment. It is t also known as a peace-loving park. This park is accessible by road, air or rail.

National Park Tours

National parks are areas that are preserved and protected by the government. These areas accommodate a wide variety of plants, animals and birds, and some are under the endangered species list. Some of the parks arrange tours for the general public that help them understand nature and realize its worth. These tours are held throughout the year, and different parks have their own rules and regulations that have to be followed by the tourist.

A Huck Finn Journey in Southern Ontario

Who says the rafting adventures of Huck Finn are long gone. Do an evening drift through the land of the Mohawks… a river of pools & swifts… experience a solitude of forest green. This is the valley of the Grand River… a wilderness place… and it’s much closer to home then you think.

Portable Hammocks

Going camping in the mountains, bathing in the warm rays of the sun at the beach, or simply relaxing with a good book in your own backyard—these activities are much more fun and hassle-free with portable hammocks at your disposal.

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