Camping on Abandoned Island – Fishing Crabbing & Coastal Foraging (Catch Cook Camp)

12 Lanzarote Beaches – Tias

Lanzarote Beach Review A review of beaches in the Tias Municipality

14 Lanzarote Beaches – San Bartholme

Lanzarote Beach Review A Review of Beaches in the San Bartholme Munipality

13 Lanzarote Beaches – Tinajo

Lanzarote Beach Review A review of beaches in the Tinajo Municipality

16 Lanzarote Beaches – Teguise

Lanzarote Beach Reviews A review of Lanzarote Beaches in the Teguise Area

17 Lanzarote Beaches – Haria

A review of Beaches in the Haria Municipality Lanzarote Beach Reviews

15 Lanzarote Beaches – Arrecife

Lanzarote Beach Review A Review of Beaches in the Arrecife Municipality

Try Birdwatching – 6 Key Reasons People Are Flocking Into This Hobby

Friendship, companionship and sheer pleasure, these are some of the benefits to be gained from the hobby of Birdwatching or Birding. In this article, I review six key reasons why birdwatching fascinates around 70 million Americans and countless more people around the world.

Centennial Valley Voles Make For An Interesting Study

Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge provides a home to many interesting species. Biologists and Biology students enjoy studying in this natural classroom. Some return summer after summer to continue their projects. One young lady, a Stanford student who grew up near Washington D.C., spent several summers in the valley studying, of all things, voles! As she learned, these rodents serve a very important purpose in maintaining nature’s balance – and they may even be good indicators of potential problems caused by environmental changes.

Squamish: An Outdoor Recreation Paradise Looks to Capitalize on Olympic Opportunity

Located between the 2010 Winter Olympic hosts of Vancouver and Whistler, the town of Squamish BC is looking to capitalize on its opportunities. Long an Outdoor Recreation paradise, the town is now being discovered by more than just locals.

Centennial Valley Tree Swallows Return

One of the first birds of spring to arrive, even as the snow is still receeding, the Tree Swallows bring the welcome announcement of winter’s end. Although considered ‘common’ these birds are not only beautiful to behold, they serve a wonderful purpose and are delightful aerial acrobats.

Tour Ayers Rock in Central Australia

Ayers Rock is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most widely recognised icons both nationally and internationally. It is also one of Australia’s most popular tour destinations, and for very good reason. Set in the stunning red desert landscape of Central Australia, it is a magnificent and magical sight that should form part of any Australian tour itinerary.

Central Australia: The Western MacDonnell Ranges

The ancient landscape of Western MacDonnell Ranges stretch west from the Central Australian outback town of Alice Springs for over 200 kilometres, forming a rugged red barrier across the vast desert plains of Central Australia. The ranges hold a wealth of spectacular natural features and landscapes, all within an easy hour or two from Alice Springs by car.

Central Australia: The Eastern MacDonnell Ranges

The rugged ridges of the Eastern MacDonnell Ranges stretch east from the outback Central Australian town of Alice Springs for some 200 kilometres, and are every bit as picturesque as the better known West MacDonnell Ranges. The ranges are home a spectacular array of natural features and landscapes, all within an easy hour or two from Alice Springs by car.

Tents – How to Choose the Right One

Probably one of the most important elements of a great camping trip is having the right tent. Choose the wrong one and it can be a miserable experience. With the right sized tent your camping experience will leave you wondering when the next trip will be.

Skiing – Some of the World’s Best Ski Spots

In Some of the World’s Best Ski Spots, you’ll find the best places for the rich and the broke, the devil-may-care types and the “cautious athletic” types. And you can revisit your childhood on a toboggan, or risk your neck on the highest Olympic style ski jumps in the world.

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