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All About Thailand Backpacking Tours

What is synonymous to exotic beaches, low cost accommodation, natural beauty, fascinating culture and well developed infrastructure? THAILAND. Thailand offers everything that a tourist destination can offer, hence making it a popular and attractive destination for backpackers.

Glacier National Park: The Top Ten Things To Do

One of the biggest challenges that people are faced with while vacationing in Glacier National Park is trying to determine exactly where to go and what to do. The following is a suggested list of the top ten things to do in this amazing park. This valuable information will help make your trip to Glacier National Park one of the best vacations you and your family will ever experience.

What to Expect From Your First Whale Watching Expedition

Sailing out into the warm waters off the coast of Panama, you work to get your sea legs as your eyes scan the shimmering surface for the prize which has been long-awaited. You look back to see the land diminishing as the ocean around you expands. You fight to hold on to your hat with one hand while balancing your binoculars with the other, imagining that first great moment. Suddenly, the long-anticipated call is sounded. “Whales!” Your adrenaline gushes as you search the waters for the mammal you have often seen in National Geographic travelogues or read about in high school literature. There it is; only a lens-length away. The mighty humpback whale. As the whale breaches you feel your heart mimicking the same leaping motion. This is your great moment; the moment that propels you into a love relationship with whale watching.

Death of the Maasai Mara Seems Inevitable Now

What we all feared seems to be happening – Wildlife populations in the world famous Maasai Mara ecosystem are coming down significantly. In only three decades, wildlife numbers have reduced by two-thirds. Some like the African Cape Bufallo, have disappeared altogether. But on the other hand, the number of cattle grazing in the reserve has increased by more than 1,100% says a report of findings published in the journal of Zoology.

Baboon Adopts Bush Baby At The Nairobi Animal Orphanage

A yellow baboon befriends an unlikely mate at the Nairobi Animal Oprhanage. This marks the third in a trail of similar ‘unlikely parings’ in Kenya where animals that should be enemies are becoming pals. Earlier, a lioness adopted a baby Oryx at the Samburu Wildlife Reserve and before that a tortoise found its one and only in a hippo at the Haller Park in Mombasa.

Binoculars: How to Buy

Due to the fact there are so many uses for binoculars and so many models to choose from, learning binoculars, how to buy binoculars and the right binoculars for your situation can sometimes be a daunting task. There is a long list of specifications that need to be met by the binoculars you choose, and many of which are specific to you and your needs only. Make sure you buy the right binoculars for you by following the guidelines listed below.

Some Tips for Care of Kayaks

If sea kayaking’s your preferred means of water transportation, it’s time to to start getting ready for another season. Even those who never gave it up for the winter should take some time to look things over. Saltwater is harder on equipment than fresh water. You’ll find rust or residue even on a new boat after one season. But first, some advice on storage.

A Few Hardy Little Bats Hang On

The little brown bat, once common, may now be in danger of extinction. The culprit is a disease known as white nose syndrome, or WNS.

Eurostar Deals – Offering Low Cost and High Quality

If you are dreaming of enjoying a lovely vacation in Europe but are not able to go to one because of the high price involved, then you should look for some best Eurostar deals. Since quite some time Eurostar has managed to win the trust and confidence of thousands of travelers. The Eurostar network consists of more than 25 dependable and swift passenger trains which connect Brussels, London and Paris.

Shimla Tour – For Memorable Holidays

Shimla is one of the popular hill stations of India where travellers come in large numbers to explore and experience the charm of Himalayan Mountains. It is counted among the best hill retreats of India where tourists get a chance to see the serene and scenic beauty of nature.

What Makes the Peak District a Big Attraction to Millions of Visitors

Maybe it is the beautiful wooden limestone dales with rivers of the clearest water running through them, or the bleak and barren moorlands in the north of the area, beautiful still, but in a different sort of wild way, or could it be the friendly and welcoming people, the stately homes in and around the area, wooded valleys, beautiful countryside attracting walkers and cyclists, gritstone edges popular with climbers and hang gliders. Whatever the particular attraction is, millions of visitors flood to the Peak District every year.

Tiger Tops: Pioneering Nepal’s Conservation Tourism

Royal Chitwan National Park, one of Asia’s most spectacular wildlife sanctuaries and a UNESCO World Heritage site, located some 75 mi. southwest of Kathmandu, is home to Tiger Tops, a treetop jungle lodge. Situated in the heart of the park, in a lush sub-tropical jungle setting, Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge is THE pioneer and the prime model for sustainable ecotourism in Nepal, offering a host of adventures into Chitwan’s diverse and fascinating natural world.

Durable Snowboarding Accessories

As a fun of snowboarding, you must treat having durable snowboarding accessories as one of your priorities. Before taking a ride on hills that are covered with snow, equipped your own self with complete safety gears first and foremost.

Hotels in Katra – Affordable Accommodation Among Mountains

The town of Katra is mainly known as the base point from which people journey to the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi. But the town has many more things to offer such as the scenic locales and the hordes of colorful visitors who come visiting from across the country.

The Right Festival Gear Makes Summer Music Festivals More Fun

With the arrival of summer and start of the festival season, people from all over the UK pack up and start heading out to enjoy music, fun and the sun at one of many music festivals. There are a few important bits of gear that can make festivals even more fun and the main one is a festival tent. When you go camping for a festival you are not going on a large expedition and not going to climb a huge mountain. So you need something which is simple and cheerful. Fortunately there is a vast range of festival tents available online and they need not cost you the earth.

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