Crawfish Catch & Cook – Camping on Deserted Island (Fishing & Trapping Dinner)

History of Ice Cleats

Whether you call them ice cleats, shoe chains, ice spikes or an icegripper,  ‘personal traction devices’ are rapidly gaining popularity as a ‘must have’ piece of winter equipment. Most people would be forgiven for assuming these devices are a recent invention.  However research reveals this humble product has a long and interesting history.

Beaches in Goa Offer Unparalleled Charm

Goa is a fascinating tourist destination of India where tourists come from across the globe. Goa beaches are known the world over for their breathtaking charm. There are several wonderful beaches in Goa which offer great adventure sports facilities.

Making a Low Cost Portable Shelter

Making a portable shelter will allow you to carry your shelter when you plan on remaining on a hiking trip for more than just a single day. You can make a shelter with a couple of dowel rods and a tarpaulin. This kind of shelter is easy to transport to wherever you can find adventure.

Gold Detectors For Fun And Profit

Using a metal or gold detector can provide hours of entertainment for adults and children searching for coins, jewelry or gold nuggets. Besides the entertainment, while using a metal detector you will likely be walking and also enjoy health benefits.

11 Best State Parks in Minnesota

The Great River Bluffs State Park is located along the Mississippi River in southeastern Minnesota. The park contains two separate Scientific and Natural Areas (SNAs), King’s and Queen’s Bluff, each with their own unique and stunning views of the river and surrounding bluff country.

The Garmin GPSMAP 62s – The Perfect Traveling Companion?

The Garmin GPSMAP 62s handheld navigation unit bundle has become increasingly popular with outdoor enthusiasts. We look at the features and why Garmin claim it’s going to continue to be a big hit.

Recreation in Sumter National Forest’s Enoree District

Sumter National Forest in South Carolina offers many opportunities for recreational activities. The Enoree District covers a large area in the central part of the state including sections of Newberry, Laurens, Union, Chester, and Fairfield Counties. Activities that visitors may enjoy include hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, picnicking, and camping.

Triathlon Training In Mexico

Growing-up in Upstate New York and not moving out to Arizona until the age of twenty-seven, I have come to realize just how diverse the Sonoran Desert really is. Living in Nogales, AZ, which borders Nogales, Sonora Mexico, I have come to realize that Mexico and Southern Arizona have both gotten an amazingly bad reputation. Granted, Mexico has it’s issues, but to ignore the vast opportunities that this country offers to the multi-sport athlete would be an error.

Disneyland Dads – Solving Your Dilemma

The dilemma: how do you keep your children active and happy for a few days or a week in the summer when they are under your tutelage? Your solution may lie in an active vacation package in small-town British Columbia.

How to Select a Sleeping Bag – Choosing the Right Temperature Rating

So you’ve finally decided it is time to replace that old sleeping bag that you’ve had since your were a teenager, a Boy Scout, or perhaps one of those sleeping bags made by the big box manufacturer that made your portable stove, your tent, your flashlight and your cooler. At first, the number of variables to consider: temperature rating, shape, type of filler material, and finally weight, appear to make the job of selecting the right sleeping bag appear complicated. My hope is this article will aid you in determining what is important to you when selecting the best sleeping bag temperature rating for your camping situation.

Bush and Beach Safari Holidays

One of the most amazing holiday packages available is the bush and beach vacation. This itinerary usually lasts for a couple of weeks, and begins with an adventurous week on a wildlife safari, and finishes with a week relaxing on a paradise beach. The combination of adventure and relaxation complement each other, and leave guests with only 1 word to describe their holiday – “WOW!”

Welcome to Sparta, North Carolina

In Northwestern North Carolina, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is the under-appreciated gem of Sparta, the county seat of Alleghany County. Alleghany is one of the smallest counties in the state and Sparta NC boasts a population of less than 2,000 inhabitants. Despite the small size of the county and the town, however, the picturesque region is overflowing with southern charm and plenty of adventures and activities suitable for weekend getaways and family vacations.

How I Bettered My Odds of Survival

Sooner or later we’re all going to find ourselves in a situation where a few coincidental happenings could turn a bad day into a survival situation. With this in mind I opted to put together some small simple items to increase my chances in any of these scenarios.

Northern Survival – An Incredible True Story

The story of the doomed British/Canadian expedition to the far northern island of Wrangel Island. An amazing tale of survival in the harshest of northern landscapes.

Get Up, Get Out, Go Birding

These are the days of crisp mornings and mild afternoons. The redbuds have bloomed and their heart shaped leaves are now replacing their flowers. Dogwoods splash their white flowers throughout the forest. The oaks are decorated with new leaves. Though the Goldfinches are on their way north, Pine Siskins still frequent the feeders. Still, it’s time. Get up; get out; go birding! Grab your gear. Take to the forest, fields, wetlands or lake.

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