Crossing the Ocean in a Duct Tape Kayak Built to Escape the Island – Duct Tape Survival Challenge

Marvels of Perfection – The Golden Triangle Tours

The world is full of different traditions and cultures, landscapes and environmental beauty, ethnic diversity, and religions. One may travel different countries to experience all of these. If one wishes to find all these in one place, it is India. India is the only country with so much diversity and dexterity that provides the traveler with so much variety.

State Highway Highlights – You Might Wanna Stop to Take a Look Here!

There are so many things to see everywhere all around New Zealand. And there is just so little time to see everything. This is a list to tell you the main interesting highlights along the 8 National Highways. It is not possible to cover all the major attractions along all the highways, as some of them are relatively short with not much scenic views unless you consider paddock, cow and sheep as scenery.

Canopy Beach Chairs – Get The Most Out Of Your Beach Experience

Canopy beach chairs are great for enjoying the beach or anywhere outside because they are lightweight and provide protection from the sun. They are available in many different styles, grades, and materials.

Can You Take the Best Pictures? Yes, You Can

Do you want to know how to take the best and most attractive pictures when you are in traveling or attending some special occasions? Read more…

Backpack Beach Chairs – A Must Have for Fun in the Sun

Backpack beach chairs provide a convenient way for hiking to the beach, and instead of lugging your beach chair in hand, it simply goes on your back, along with most of your other accessories. They are lightweight and easily portable.

Tour to Rajasthan to Explore the Splendid Attractions

Rajasthan is the biggest tourist state in India. It is frequently visited by the tourists all round the year. There are numerous tourist attractions in Rajasthan. Global tourists visit Rajasthan to explore and savor its charming and splendid attractions.

South Padre Island – Kayak Adventures

Eco-tourism has been hot for the past decade and South Padre Island has many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors with minimal impact. Kayaking is something that any one can enjoy even if you can’t swim. South Padre Island offers many different adventures for paddlers including fishing, bird watching, dolphin watching, surfing and just general cruising. Regardless of your age or fitness level you can find something do to with a kayak.

Different India Tours That You Can Choose From!

India is one of the most vividly and diversely packaged tourist destinations in the world. Located in Asia, India is a kaleidoscope of landscapes, cultures, religions and ethnic backgrounds. This country is one of the richest in culture and has some of the most ancient traditions.

Outdoor Activities in the Lake District

As a land of mountains, lakes and coast, the Lake District area is home to a great variety of outdoor activity centres. Many of them are happy to embrace all levels of experience and age and offer everything from short taster sessions to day-long adventures. Here is my pick of the best.

The Best Survival Knife – Becker BK 2 Companion

The Ka-Bar BK2 Becker Campanion makes my list as the the best survival knife on the market because of its overall usefulness and indestructibility. The Ka-Bar Becker series knives are one of the most positively reviewed knives on the web. There are critics everywhere especially when it comes to choosing the best survival knife however you will be hard pressed to find any bad reviews on this blade.

A Day at the Siam Tenerife Water Park

Tenerife, known to be the most beautiful and exotic among all the seven Canary Islands, is famous for its water parks. Although Tenerife has some other theme parks to offer for its visitors, but the Siam Tenerife Water Park is something that has aroused enormous interest among the tourist visiting this place due to the uniqueness of the rides and the fun and thrill associated while riding them.

Travel and Photography: Maximize Your Trip With Analog Cameras

In traveling, there is no better buddy than to have an analog camera with you. May it be an SLR or a rangefinder from the 60s; an analog camera is the most reliable photo buddy in any given condition. Despite the age of digital photography, there are a lot of photographers who started and ended up loving film photography more than they could ever love digital photography.

Outdoor Activities at Croft State Natural Area

A Spartanburg, South Carolina hotel describes the outdoor activities available at nearby Croft State Natural Area. This large park offers fishing, boating, and miles of hiking, biking, and equestrian trails.

Holiday in Kerala – Land of Scintillating Natural Beauty

Kerala the land of astonishing beauty, charm and astonishment is popular holiday destination in India. It is globally famous for its exciting attractions whose charm and beauty are beyond visual and verbal descriptions.

Kids Beach Chair – Beach Comfort For the Entire Family

A kids beach chair is always nice because it provides your child with their very own place to sit when they are not playing in the water or sand. They are lightweight, easily transportable, and come in a variety of colors to satisfy any taste.

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