Deep Cleaning MOLDY Car w/ MOUSE Infestation!!! Epic Auto Detailing/Restoration Challenge.

Appalachian Coal Mining

I sat there in the dark alone listening to the drip of water in the distance. Dad was ahead at the face of the mine setting the black powder charges before leaving the mine for the night. I heard a creaking sound above my head, and I moved to another waiting position a few feet away. Suddenly a huge bolder about twice my size fell on the spot that I had been setting just a moment before. Dad had told me to listen to the rocks and that they would warn you before something happened.

Gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda

John realises a lifelong ambition when he tracks mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda

How To Find A Perfect Travel Adventure

For some people, simply seeing the world from a cruise ship or a guided tour is not enough. Adventure travel is a newer term for an age-old activity. Instead of simply viewing places of interest, you go out and find a way to have an adventure.

Layang-Layang Island – Part 1

Diving in Layang-Layang Island

Layang-Layang Island – Part 2

Diving in Layang-Layang Island

Tioman Island

Diving in Tioman Island

Mabul & Kapalai Islands – Part 2

Diving in Mabul & Kapalai Islands

Mabul & Kapalai Islands – Part 1

Diving in Mabul & Kapalai

Discover Amelia Island On A Florida Vacation

Amelia is a small island of about 18.2 square miles and has three distinct sections. First is the north end which is called Fernandina Beach. Then you have the middle section which is called Amelia Island and then the third section which is mostly Amelia Island Plantation.

Perhentian Island

Diving in Perhentian Island

Redang Island

Diving in Redang Island

Payar Island

Diving in Payar Island

Layang-Layang Island – Part 4

Diving in Layang-Layang Island

Discover Aspen Colorado Vacations With Your Family

Did you know that Aspen is also a wonderful Summer vacation spot for the whole family? Well it is! To begin you can enjoy the clean mountain air while you sleep late the first day or two. They enjoy a show at the Opera House. Try a hike or a bike ride or something different like the Fairy Caves for a change of pace.

Enjoying A Hawaiian Vacation in Kauai

One of the fun things to do on Kauai is to take the river cruise up the Wailua River. This is one of the most popular activities on Kauai. This cruise goes to Fern Grotto and allows visitors to experience the magnificent beauty of Kauai.

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