Duct Tape Hammock Tent Camping + Rabbit Catch & Cook (Duct Tape Survival Shelter Challenge)

Ohau I Love to…

Ohau is set in a remote area of the south island that receives massive snowfalls, and not too many winter visitors….After a recent 50cm (20 inches) snow fall Ohau had been closed for two days thanks to poor access road conditions. The area was primed with some powder, and we were ready to bag it. Our drive wandered northward through farmlands and onward into the mountains south of Mt. Cook (New Zealand’s highest peak)…

The Outdoor Adventure: an Old Favourite Which Will Never Truly Get Old

Whether you’re interested in taking a week-long retreat, or simply looking for a great way to spend a weekend with your family, the classic outdoor adventure is the answer.

Lengthen Your Walking Time and Shorten Your Agony

Here are a few warm up exercises and tips that can help you to spend more time walking the hills and shorten your recovery time.

Buying a Pair of Good Quality Walking Boots – What to Look For

Buying a new pair of boots, especially if you are new to walking, can be a little daunting. A good pair of boots that will last you for years will cost upwards of £100, no small investment.

Adventures on Kodiak Island Alaska

Visitors to Alaska who travel to Kodiak Island are surprised to find the multitude of exciting wilderness options that are available. From the moment you touch down in Kodiak you are surrounded by wilderness Alaska. Kodiak is most noted for the large population of Kodiak Brown Bears, the world’s largest land carnivore.

Scuba Diving in the Caribbean – The Greatest Way To Examine Its Beauty

Caribbean scuba diving is one of the rare pleasures available to people vacationing along the warm and clear waters of that tropical paradise. Throughout the year the Caribbean offers comfortable and beautiful weather with white sandy beaches that make the perfect vacation spot for hundreds and thousands of tourists every year. Caribbean scuba diving can be enjoyed in more than 30 locations in the Caribbean Sea and they are all offer scuba diving facilities throughout the year. The difference between these various locations is that they offer you the choice of going the regular tourist way and saying in the company of other travelers like you or you could opt to go for a more non-tourist approach and try to spend the time there like the locals.

What To Do When You Encounter A Bear

When you run into a bear you will most likely panic. This is completely understandable and if you do happen to be carrying a loaded gun, anything can happen. On the other hand, if you have a can of bear spray in your pocket, and are prepared to use it, you can give yourself enough time to get away while the bear is distracted…

Lion’s – They are the only truly social cat species.

Lions are non-seasonal breeders, yet females of a pride often synchronize births. After a gestation period of 110 days, one to four cubs are born. Cubs start taking meat after ten weeks. Females suckle their own and one another’s cubs for up to six months. After birth, cubs are hidden for six weeks after which mothers bring them to the pride’s crhche. The young remain dependant on the organizational success of the pride for up to three years.

Trail Etiquette for Hikers

Hiking is a popular activity that is relatively easy to get started, but before you set out on the trail there are some basic rules of etiquette that you should know. Learn how to enjoy your hike while letting other enjoy themselves as well.

Alaska Offers Adventure, Beauty and Nature for Visitors Year Round

Alaska is a more than just a cold state, it is a beautiful place to visit.

Rhodes Greece, One of Eastern Greek Islands

Rhodes Greece, the easternmost of all the Greek islands, is known for sunshine, roses, modern next to medieval, butterflies, beaches, and of course, the Colossus of Rhodes. A great tourist attraction. Free information on Rhodes or Rodos Greece.

Corfu Island, A Greek Island In Greece

Named for a beautiful nymph, Corfu Greece has been a historical and geographic stepping stone between Greece and the rest of Europe. This Greek island is steeped in history, from being visited and mentioned by Homer to being bombed in WW II. But, protected by St. Spyridon, Corfu or Kerkira Greece survives and thrives.

Go Mobile in Botswana

If you’ve ever written off Botswana as an unaffordable dream, think again. It isn’t all designer-chic safari lodges where you pay up to £400 a night for the luxury of air-conditioned tents the size of tithe barns. You can still enjoy the safari of a lifetime for half the price – and get closer to the real Africa.

Campers and Hunters Choose Reliable and Durable LED Flashlights

Advancements in lighting technology has yielded LED powered flashlights, an improvement on the incandescent flashlights long used by campers and hunters. Quite simply, LED flashlights are a better choice when it comes to reliability, durability, cost effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. Please read on to discover the many benefits of owning an LED flashlight.

Cloud Formations and What They Mean

Different cloud shapes tell us what kind of weather is on the way. Here is a list of the shapes and where they occur in the atmosphere.

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