Extreme Winter Camping in Alaska (-26C) Backcountry Hot Tent Camping with Kids

USA Early Season Snow – The Hidden Secret

70.2 inches of snow (nearly 6 feet) has already fallen in Winter Park, allowing skiers travelling to the US to dust off their ski gear way before those in Europe.

South African Garden Route Wilderness Town Travel Information

Wilderness is set between the Kaaimans River and the Goukama Nature Reserve, whilst being bordered by the Outeniqua Mountains. Renowned for it tranquil sea and beaches which stretch on forever, Wilderness has become a Internationally sought after holiday resort.

South African Garden Route Knysna Town Travel Information

Knysna is one of the Southern Cape coast’s best known holiday destinations, situated between lush forests and the shores of the peaceful lagoon – it offers many activities and attractions of a wide variety. The Garden Route has a Mediterranean Maritime climate, with moderately hot summers, and mild to chilly winters. It is one of the richest rainfall areas, most of which occurs in the winter months, brought by the humid sea-winds from the Indian ocean.

South African Garden Route George Town Travel Information

George is at the heart of the Garden Route and the mecca of golf in the southern Cape, as it is home to the renowned Fancourt Country Club and Golf Estate and various other acclaimed golf courses.

Discover Oldsmar, FL — Small Town Life with Big Time Fun

Everyone has heard of Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa in Florida, but not many people have heard of Oldsmar. Geographically, Oldsmar is right in the middle of all of them but is nothing like the bigger cities. If you are looking for some small town charm, visit Oldsmar Florida. You just might want to stay!

Alaska’s Copper River Where Wilderness and History Abound

Scenic vistas too broad to describe with words, the largest concentration of glaciers on the continent and more than 10 of the tallest peaks in North America are all part of the Copper River Watershed.

Ontario Snowmobile Vacations – A Beginner’s Guide

With over 42,000 kilometres of groomed snowmobile trails, Ontario is a sledders’ wonderland. If you don’t have the luxury of owning your own, there are other ways of enjoying this wonderful sport at a fraction of the cost. Rent a vacation cottage as well, and you have the recipe for an outstanding winter break.

Digital Camera Binoculars – Great for Bird Watching

Digital camera binoculars are an amazing piece of technology. It combines a powerful binoculars and a camera, so not only you can see objects that are far away, but you can also capture the image. Discover what features are important and how to select camera binoculars that would satisfy your needs.

South African Kruger National Park Seasons Travel Information

South African winter temperatures do not justify having Central Heating in buildings and homes, Europeans tourists might find the winters harsher than South Africans do. We have become accustomed to the cold around us and simply put on more layers if necessary. Only in the last couple of years have some houses installed underfloor heating. In Johannesburg sometimes during winter, and in the Cape in the afternoon a rather chilly wind blows, so bring some wind-proof clothing along.

The Natural Side of Aruba: Arikok Park

Of Aruba’s many activities, a tour of Arikok Park may be the most unique. From sand dunes and cacti within the park’s desert interior to the limestone cliffs and hidden coves on the Caribbean shore, Arikok Park offers as much ecological diversity as any place you’ll ever visit.

RV Fix and Advise on Inverters

Knowing your inverter on your motor home or RV is very important. The ability to have 120 volt power produced from 12 volt batteries is essential when you can not plug your RV into shore power.

Night Vision Binoculars – How to Choose the Right One

Are you planning to buy night vision binoculars? There are many options from very sophisticated binoculars for surveillance or night navigation to simple binoculars for kids to have fun with. How do you know what features would be right for your purpose? Here are some tips on how to select the right night binoculars for you.

Five Things To-Do-in-Vancouver During the Winter Holidays

Key things to do that make up a part of the west coast lifestyle are offered for the reader.

Discount Backpacks – Are You Really Getting Value For Money?

Discount backpacks – we all love a bargain but we need to check that the backpack we are buying has certain basic design attributes to ensure a comfortable experience and enjoyable vacation.

The Unique Australia

Charming with its unique wild life, nature phenomena, unlimited diving opportunities and last but not least culture, Australia has to offer something for everyone.

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