Forging an ice fishing chisel & scoop – testing it in Alaska

Natural and Cultural History Overflow in Capitol Reef

An isolated area, halfway between what are now Canyonlands and Bryce Canyon National Parks, the highway wasn’t paved until 1940. Because this area is incredibly rugged and forbidding, it is also famed for once being a haven traveled by Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch whose hideaway Robber’s Roost, was east of the park. Today it is a haven for explorers of mountain peaks and red rock desert.

The Carlsbad Flower Fields Are Gift to the Senses

During the months of March, April and May, the hills do come alive in the historical coastal city of Carlsbad, north of San Diego. Magic, wonder and beauty flourish every spring with the total flower experience of the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch. Covering 50-acres of a rolling hillside along Interstate-5 the Flower Fields season runs from mid-March to early May, April being the best time to visit.

My Little Town

“In My Little Town” – these words, from Simon and Garfinkel’s song, make me think of where I reside! I live in a small town about 50 miles north of Tampa in Spring Hill, FL. Although this is a small town we have a lot to share with the world!

Explore the Land of Kings on Rajasthan Tours and Travels

Rajasthan, the land of kings, is one of the most colorful and vibrant states of India. It is the largest state in the country and has been very popular among tourists and vacationers coming from different parts of the world. Rich culture, unique tradition, magnificent monuments, fantastic forts, elegant palaces, splendid havelis, wildlife sanctuaries & national parks, desert, rippling sand dunes, camel safari, jeep safari, jungle safari, terrific temples, traditional villages, historic & historical cities, cultural heritage, etc are highlights of Rajasthan tours and travels in India.

Britain’s Forests – Sustainable Future or Short Term Gain?

I do not normally get involved with political debates, being of the belief that politicians will do as they please anyway until they are voted out – which can take long enough for the damage to already have been done. In the case of the government’s recent proposal to sell off our forests however I felt I had to stick my oar in – for what it’s worth.

Fun at Atlantis Water Park!

Do you love travel, beaches, water and thrilling fun? A Water Park adventure might be the vacation for you! Atlantis Water Park on Paradise Island in the Bahamas is fun for all ages!

3 Ways to Tour the Hoover Dam

The main purpose of building Hoover Dam was to control the erratic nature of the Colorado River and to protect the lives of the people, animals and plants in the adjacent areas. While constructing the dam, Lake Mead was created for maintaining regular supply of water to the power generating plant; it is the largest artificial reservoir in United States.

A Tour To Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is one of the main tourism attractions in Las Vegas. If you have Hoover Dam in your mind while visiting Las Vegas, there are many Hoover Dam tours available and covering its surrounding other tourist attractions, like Lake Mead, Grand Canyon Skywalk or Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour, etc.- no matter whatever your choice be, you will sure have a memorable experience in your life.

Prelude to Hoover Dam

If you want to visit the majestic Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, there are many stories behind its creation to take one of the Hoover Dam tours to look from a different perspective. When America was shaken by the hurtful effect of the Great depression, President Herbert Hoover ordered the work on the Hoover Dam Project to begin in March 193. 1The moment the project started, it provided immediate solution to two essentials needs-job and shelter. The Six Companies Inc, who constructed this dam, built bunkhouses at the Canyon wall (subsequently known as River Camp) for accommodating 480 dam workers.

2 Best Ways to See the Hoover Dam

If you wish to visit Hoover Dam, your best pick from the bunch of tour options on ‘Hoover Dam Tours’ should be the Hoover Dam Express Tour. Otherwise, if you are on your own, then should visit preferably either on Monday or well ahead of time, when the chances of ‘tickets sold out’ will be far less. If you choose the Express Tour, will have a comfortable journey from your Las Vegas hotel to the dam site, have an admission to the Hoover Dam Visitor’s Centre, theater and photo exhibition hall.

Hoover Dam Tours

You can visit Hoover Dam on any of the popular guided and narrated luxury Hoover Dam tours. You always have a full bouquet to choose from; here is a selection of the best two options for you.

The Person Who Built the Hoover Dam

Every year around 9 million people visit Hoover Dam. They normally come from Las Vegas on Hoover Dam Tours, visit this dam and the adjacent Lake Mead, the largest manmade artificial lake to store water for the power generating station – then they go ahead for other attractive tourist destinations as per their schedules to Grand Canyon Skywalk, Grand Canyon South Rim, etc.

Arches National Park in Utah

Much of Arches National Park, 2,000 natural arches, is made up of what is known as Navajo sandstone. Some geologists think that rocks in the area are from the upper Jurassic period, which began 205 million years ago.

California’s Muir Woods – Home to Titans

For an enduring pleasurable memory – come visit Muir Woods and the California Redwoods. An extraordinary experience awaits you.

Family Adventure Travel to the End of the World

Tierra del Fuego, an archipelago off the southern tip of Argentina and Chile separated from the mainland by the Magellan Straits, is a place of extremes. Where the Pacific meets the Atlantic, where winds blow hither and yon, where weather is unpredictable, where unusual wildlife abounds, where abundant and diverse adventure activities are limitless, it is a must-visit region for those with a true spirit of exploration.

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