Forging Fishing Spears + Hunting Snakeheads in Swamp – Forging Fishing Catch & Cook Challenge

Lake Cumberland Kentucky

Most native south-central Kentuckians are familiar with the benefits the Indiana and Ohio Navy bring to the small towns surrounding , Lake Cumberland. Typically as soon as the mercury hits the mid-eighties, they start rolling into town with their classy SUVs and fantastic speed-boats. If you ask some of the “old-timers” if the area has always been such a tourist hot spot, they will tell you no for sure. They might even tell of a relative who aided in the sequence of events that lead to the impressive lake.

Walking in Pembrokeshire – Porthgain

An easy circular walk starting at Porthgain – written for novice walkers.

Islay’s Loch Gruinart Nature Reserve

Travelling on the Scottish Isle of Islay you sooner or later end up at Loch Gruinart which is pronounced as Loch Grinjart. The whole area is designated as Nature Reserve and is an important area for wildlife, home to large numbers of Barnacle and White-fronted gees in the wintertime.

The Minimalism of the Portage Glacier

The Portage Glacier has been a popular fixture in Alaska since its first discovery in 1898. Keep in mind that ‘discovery’ refers to a person seeing it for the first time and, more accurately, also being crediting as the first person seeing by way of recording the documents. It is doubtful that any other group of people that walked past the glacier missed seeing it. Today, however, walking past the Portage Glacier and not being able to see it may be an actual reality! The Portage Glacier is succumbing to the cruelty of the natural world and is slowly and steadily melting. — This does not mean that the Portage is not a popular spot to check out when one heads up to Alaska for a little vacation.

In the Shadow of the Blaze

Amber light rings the rich brown earth. Flames of the campfire reach up, as if grasping for the dark canopy of spreading tree limbs.

Best Places to See Wildlife in Nature

While a zoo definitely has it’s place in animal watching, it doesn’t compare to seeing animals in their own natural habitat. After a recent visit to Yellowstone National Park, this felt especially true for me. A traffic jam caused by young buffalo calves and their mothers crossing the road is an experience not to be missed. It made me wonder about other places that would be conducive to viewing wildlife in a natural setting.

Bull of the Woods Wilderness Trip Report

I like reading trip reports from other backpackers. It’s a much better way to figure out whether you should invest the time and money to get to the trail than simply referring to guide books. I want stories, not bland descriptions! I haven’t been writing trip reports very long, but here goes…

Iguassu Falls, What is So Great About Them?

Iguassu Falls, one resident’s insights of a great travel destination you will want to visit.

Islay Travelogue – the Scottish Isle of Islay

It was our honeymoon and we left The Gardeners cottage at the Belladrum estate, near Beauly and the place were we got married, on Saturday the 22nd of May 2004. The weather was fabulous, skies deep blue and we were excited to leave for Islay. We didn’t know what to expect and we couldn’t wait to finally arrive in Kennacraig where we arrived at 5 pm.

Travelling Back in Time

A journey back in time, retrieving forgotten stories from stones and discovering hidden caves, Hampi offered an adventure that was unlike any other. An experience recorded in a moment of ecstatic joy, sitting by the lazy river during a mystical sunset staright out of the pages of history.

Kerala Tour Operator

Kerala tour operator offering tour package for backwaters, beaches, hill stations, temples, wildlife, hotels and adventure tours.

Ski Vacations: Making Them Unique

Before repetition ruins your favorite hobby, add a new spin to your skiing with a fresh destination, companion, or tour. While keeping old favorites is fine, abandoning routine might be just what your ski vacation needs to be a success.

Traveling as a Skill-Seeker: Cultivating a Hobby While on Vacation

In response to the growing number of travelers not content to spend days idling at the beach, the travel industry is responding with highly-tailored ‘instructional travel.’ The tours – tailored for all interests from those of the chef to the athlete to the bookworm – not only allows individuals to meet others like them, but also to acquire skills they can continue to use long after they’ve unpacked their suitcase.

Traveling with Sports Equipment: How to Prevent Damage

If you’ve done your homework, traveling with sports equipment shouldn’t be stressful. Often, it’s simply a matter of calling the airline before you start to pack. While toting your own surfboard on a trip to Mexico might cost you more and require a few extra minutes at the check-in counter, it’s far from impossible.

Learn to Surf: Finding the Best Beaches

The hardest decision for new surfers to make is often which beach to use for learning to surf. Simply asking friends, consulting reliable resources, or pursuing specialized surf tours can all be straightforward solutions.

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