Homemade Fishing Boat from Scratch (And Fishing with it!)

Ten Ways to Celebrate Leaf Season

Red, gold and amber leaves against a deep blue sky, frosty air filled with the scent of burning wood and ripe apples, migrating birds and animals feasting on this year’s abundant harvest – autumn feels like a celebration. Here are ten things you can do to maximize your enjoyment of one of the most dramatic and beautiful times in nature:

The Valley of the Lost Attawandarons… Yours to Discover 1 Hour West of Toronto

The Grand River Valley is the ancestral home of the Iroquoian Attawandarons. In the valley itself, there is an awe that holds the lost presence. No one can drift down the river unaware that someone has been here before.

My First Look at Yosemite National Park

You haven’t seen anything beautiful until you have seen Yosemite, it is a National treasure worth seeing over and over again.

Yellowstone Autumn

The summer rush is over. The summer crowds are gone, which makes fall a perfect time to visit the Yellowstone area. Wildlife viewing opportunities are more abundant and lodging rates are less expensive during the autumn off-season.

Australian Outback – The Ultimate Journey

It begins with an imperceptible quickening of the pulse upon seeing birds in flight, the muted flap of wings silhouetted serenely against the crimson backdrop of sunset. Or listening to the ephemeral caress of the wind rustling tranquilly through the trees, you perceive an ancient whisper suspended in time, gently urging you onward to a place where magic can still be found…

Whistler Zip Line – Harness Gravity For The Most Bizarre Ride This Side Of The Universe

If an alien dictionary on human activities existed, it would be an interesting read. Flipping through its hyper-advanced pages (likely written in their alien script, but for this thought experiment, let’s pretend it’s English), under Hockey it would say, “An activity where humans slap around a bit of plastic with sticks.” Keep flipping, and the definition of Heli-skiing would read, “The act of being dropped off at the top of a mountain, using two modified planks of wood to skim down.

A Small Alaskan Cruise

Today, many of Alaska’s cruise lines are those that offer large cruise ships with many people and outstanding entertainment, amenities and lots of fun. Yet, if you are interested in a smaller, quieter trip, then there are those cruises that allow for it. In fact, there are some pretty great adventures if you should consider a small Alaskan cruise rather than one of the larger lines. There are several key benefits to these cruises and all of them will allow you to enjoy all that Alaska has to offer.

Coleman Tent Trailers: For Those Who Are Frequently on the Move

Although most Coleman tent trailers offered in the Internet are pre-owned, it might still be worth a buyer’s time to check them out. Some of these models might prove to be good buys and the lower prices can provide a lot of savings for those who do not have enough dollars for a brand new one.

Fall Is More Than Leaves In The Northwest

The northwest coast of the United States offers an abundance of trees and wildlife. As fall destinations go it contains a greater variety than most in terms of sights to see and experiences to remember for a lifetime.

Fall Foliage Photography Tips

Leaf peepers everywhere are in search of the perfect fall foliage picture. You might find these following tips helpful in securing your much sought after perfect picture.

Fall Foliage: A Time of Leaf Peepers

The term leaf peepers has been used so much in popular terminology that its made it into the dictionary. A leaf peeper, may sound inappropriate but it really refers to a person who seeks out trees that are at the peak of their color change during the fall season.

Fall Foliage in Colorado’s Ski Country

If golden aspens are more important than powder slopes then ski country’s brief fall may be a very good travel option. Much of the month of September and October offers upscale accommodations at bargain prices compared to ski season in Aspen, Colorado.

Leopards Galore

September 2005 and I was back in Africa on my 6th tour with Guerba doing Faces of Kenya and Tanzania. It was late afternoon and we had just entered Samburu National Park making our way to the Samburu Lodge Camp Site for the night.

Rafting Vacation…Great Way to Unwind!

A great many people in the United States and throughout North America have taken a keen interest in rafting vacations. Find out where and how to secure such packages at affordable prices!

Maumelle Park: Naturally Full of Splendour

Maumelle Park, located just west of Little Rock, Arkansas, has long stood as one of the state’s central landmarks and is a fantastic place to visit for day outings and extended camping trips alike.

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