Hot Tent Camping Alaska – Cold Weather Camping with Kids

Information on Backpacks

This article contains information on backpacks. Packs used for traveling are a bit different from packs used for hiking — they tend to be larger, heavier, and sturdier. This is because they need to withstand being tossed around by airport baggage handlers. They are often quite large because they have to hold all the travelers goods. On the other hand, the packs used for hiking can be smaller and lighter. Backpackers carry less weight than most travelers, and they handle their packs a lot more gently.

Luxury RV Rentals

RVs are considered a luxury vacation indulgence. They are better known as homes on wheels and enable people to travel as per their convenience, without any time restrictions. Recreational vehicles are referred to as RVs. They incorporate the various conveniences found in homes, such as a bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and dining room. The advantage with a RV is that it can be driven to any place, in the country. RVs are an expensive buy and not everybody can afford to buy one.

Florida is a Place For Good – Honest – Fun

Did you know that the Sunshine State is the United Kingdom’s No.1 long-haul destination ?

What Types of Things are Related to Sharks?

Did you ever think that sharks could be planned into your vacations package? Did you know that sharks could improve your health? What would you say if I told you that some countries in the Far East are enjoying shark fin soup as a culinary delicacy? What else can I tell you? Let’s find out!

Exploring The Canadian Wilderness By Canoe

A large portion of Canada’s landscape is made up of endless expanses of evergreen forests, shimmering lakes, and large areas of exposed rock that are some of the oldest rocks on the entire planet (over 3 billion years old in places). This geographical region is known as the Canadian Shield. A great way to explore this region is by canoe!

Taming The Masai Mara: Kenya’s Showpiece Game Reserve

No trip to Kenya would be complete without a visit to the Masai Mara, a 585 square mile wildlife preserve located in southwest Kenya, right above the boarder with Tanzania. In the Mara, one will find one of the highest concentrations of large game anywhere on earth.

Swim With Dolphins #1 Thing To Do In Hawaii

This is a one of a kind oceanic wildlife experience. Swimming with dolphins, sea turtles, and a variety of reef fish off the Hawaiian Islands is a life changing experience and will leave you in awe of nature.

What Kind Of Shark Theme Based Paraphernalia Can You Get On The Net Beside Shark Pictures

You are an amateur of sharks’ paraphernalia but you are not sure what the Net has to offer you beside shark pictures. If it is your situation, you have come to the right place.

Is People’s Knowledge About Sharks Based On Facts Or Shark Tales

For centuries, people have learned to respect sharks while enjoying a swim in the ocean. Then, in 1975, Hollywood brought Peter Benchley’s best seller “Jaws” to life. That is when facts were replaced by shark tales.

Binoculars – Secrets of Choosing the Best

There are so many uses for good binoculars – bird watching, hunting, boating, navigating, and observing nature. There are binoculars to meet each of these needs. But how do you find an ideal pair of binoculars for you?

Tiger – Tiger – Enough!

Every time I get an inquiry for a wildlife tour, the critical question seems to be: “What are my chances of spotting a tiger?” All discussions, timings, locations and interest seems to hinge around this very crucial question.

Outdoors – Problems And Possible Solutions

Many problems new enthusiasts face in the outdoors can easily be overcome with some planning and careful thought.

Are Sharks Predators or Preys of Humans? Maybe It Has Something to Do With the Shark Anatomy!

According to Hollywood, humans are preys to sharks. Reality says that for each person victim of a shark attack, huge numbers of sharks die because of humans. Who is the “real” predator? Who is the prey?

Wolf Study at Whipsnade

I cannot recall when and how my love affair with the wolf began, but whatever the reason, it has driven me back into the classroom and onto the path of discovery.

Preparing for an Alaskan Canoe Trip

A canoe trip in Alaska is a great way to enjoy the scenery and catch a few fish. Although canoeing may seem simple, you have to properly prepare before and during your trip.

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