Macca Machete, Silky Kydex And Other Gear

Spending A Relaxing Holiday In Seattle

The city offers a unique holiday environment that is worth experiencing. With its numerous attractions and lush green landscape, you are bound to have one of the best holidays of your life.

A Mission Trip Changes You

You go on a mission trip with the proposed purpose of making a difference in someone else’s life. You come back with the profound knowledge that it’s your life that has been changed. My recent mission trip to Kenya proved this to me – again.

Soak Up the Sun: The Benefits of Solar, Portable USB Chargers

Solar USB chargers are electronic devices that provide energy for your mobile phone, laptop, mp3, and other electronics. Solar chargers can connect via a USB port on your laptop or by way of a plug-in AC adapter, but they can also charge by their presence in the sunlight. Since they are solar, the weather (the sun) can play a role in reenergizing your charger so as to provide the needed energy for your electronic devices.

Binoculars for the Backyard Birder

Many people become interested in birding simply by becoming aware of the birds that frequent their own back yards. What arises is the need to learn more about these creatures of feathers and song. Several people have asked for advice on procuring binoculars they or a family member could use to simply see the birds in their yards better and, perhaps, identify them.

The Irresistible Lure of Crete

Rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, Crete offers a wide variety of once-in-a-lifetime adventures. This mountainous island, interspersed with rivers, breathtaking gorges, palm tree forests, azure coves, and picturesque valleys, is a wondrous backdrop for trekking, cycling, and diving trips. Additionally, its delightfully lively cities and historically significant archeological sites allow visitors to revel in Crete’s rich past and present.

Enjoy Water Activities in Jamaica

Jamaica is blessed with a spectacular coastline – with 150 miles (240km) of beaches and many navigable rivers, the island is more than just a beach destination in the Caribbean. There are a range of water activities you can enjoy in Jamaica from swimming with the sharks to river tubing and everything else in between.

The Onion

When you are out in the wilderness and you discover that you are missing some food supplies, what do you do? Here is a story that might get you wondering.

Weekend Getaways Around Chennai: 3 Great Choices

The capital city of state of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is one of the major hubs of cultural, educational and commercial enterprises. The industrially-thriving city, Chennai is base of major computer, technology, automobile, healthcare and hardware manufacturing industries. The busy tech-savvy populace of Chennai seldom gets opportunity to vacation and thus every weekend brings a reason to celebrate and rejuvenate.

Enjoy a Scuba Holiday As a Volunteer in the Maldives

If you are a fully licenced scuba diver, an exotic holiday as a volunteer in the Maldives might be tempting. Enjoy getting to swim with magnificent fish and possibly spot the enormous whale shark.

Weekend Getaways Around Delhi: Exploring the Un-Explored

Summers are at its peak in Delhi and with schools and colleges shutting down for summer holidays Delhiites are all geared up to make their way to a greener and more tranquil region of Earth. Summers bring sultry weather conditions, power-cuts, fatigue and more. On the positive side it also brings a reason to head for vacationing, to bond with family or friends, explore a new vista and revel in solitude.

Pool Umbrellas – A Necessity

Having a pool in your backyard is the best way to escape the scorching summers. But when you aren’t in the waters you would prefer lounging about around it. Having a pool umbrella helps you live your dream of staying in the shade while near the water. Indeed, today you hardly find any water front without an umbrella placed near it.

Book Cheap Tickets to Manila Today

Manila is worth-visiting due to its eternal beauty and appealing attractions. With classic historical sites, ample shopping areas, and numerous places to relax, take an opportunity to travel this destination. Simply grab the first opportunity and make the most of it.

Belizes’ “Blood Tree:” The Logwood

Logwood Trees literally ooze dark, deep and rich maroon red sap, in great abundance, if the tree is ever wounded. Thus the reason the Logwoods were given the English nickname ‘Blood Trees.’

Ghana Life: Wildlife in Kumasi

International travellers who stay in five star hotels and only glimpse their surroundings from the window of air-conditioned transport on their way to and from the airport often complain that every place is the same in the modern world. Yet anyone who is prepared to take a walk outside on quieter streets or in small town parks will find that the wildlife that crosses their path can still locate them in a unique location. Kumasi, Ghana’s second city and the old capital of the Ashanti empire, has a unique combination of native fauna that fixes it in the memory of every visitor.

Hickatee: The Critically Endangered Turtle

Dermatemys mawii, the Hickatee, a Central American River turtle is such an aquatic turtle that it spends its entire life in or on the water, even sleeping and yet they stay afloat. This fairly large turtle species attains a maximum of 25 inches in carapace length and can weigh up to 44 pounds, 50 pounds if including the weight of the carapace or the turtle shell. Males can be differentiated from females by yellow markings on either side of their head.

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