Making Knife & Sheath from Squirrel – Forging the Squirrel Blade!

Being Lost and Found in the Great Outdoors

Any backwoods camper or backpacker needs to be prepared for the inevitable possibility of becoming lost in the wilderness. Keep these tips in mind to deal with the situation if it does really happen.

Mosquito Bite Allergy

Mosquito Repellent: If you are like most people with sensitive skin, you may find that you have a mosquito bite allergy. A mosquito bite allergy will appear as a very red swollen and itchy bump or bumps where mosquitoes have bitten. The allergic reaction is a reaction to the digestive enzymes and anti-coagulants that the female mosquito injects before sucking blood from your body.

Hot Air Balloon Rides What Happens?

You want to book a hot air balloon ride but what happens? Are the pilots licenced? How high will you fly? What will the landind be like? Find out from a balloon pilot.

Active Pursuits in the Caribbean for the Sports Minded Traveler

Travelers who are looking for a vacation spot with plenty of active pursuits will find that the Caribbean has all you need to enjoy an exciting time in paradise. The Caribbean boasts some of the most beautiful islands in the world, which feature all the active pursuits you need to have an unforgettable vacation.

Pacific Crest Trail – Critter Problems

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is a must for serious hikers on the west coast and through much of the world. While it can be great, you need to keep an eye out for potential critter problems.

Boondocking With Your RV

If you are going to be boondocking you will need to adjust the way you use and stretch the use of water and the best way to extend the use of you black and gray water tanks.

The Real Rainforest – This Ain’t No Woosie Ecotour

Ever think about getting way out of your comfort zone? Deep in the heart of the Brazilian rainforest there’s a village where you can swim with the alligators and eat the piranha before they eat you. The Xixuau- Xiparina Reserve allows a small number of visitors each year and those who are lucky enough to go will never forget the sight of a pink dolphin.

The Grand Canyon Mule Experience – The Ride of Their Life – (Part 1 – The Day Ride)

A mule ride into the Grand Canyon down the Bright Angel Trail. The thoughts and emotions a tourist and novice rider will experience. From the wranglers themselves, to the rocky trail, what is it really like?

Experience Nature at its most Majestic with a Canadian Rockies Tour

Experience Nature at its most majestic with a Canadian Rockies Tour Its time to get away. Life in the cubicle just isn’t cutting it, is it? No, you need space, adventure, air, real air, fresh, rarefied, crisp sweet air filling your lungs with the endless blue of the sky. A Canadian Rockies tour will help you breathe that blue. Oh, and the scenery ain’t bad either. Rich farmlands, scenic forests and sparkling lakes, hot springs, and some of the most beautiful cities of Western Canada all laid out at your feet from the peaks of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It’s time to take a tour and experience the wonder and boundless freedom of the North Country.

The Gift That Keeps on Skiing

Need gift ideas for the skier in your life? Lisa dug out unique and useful gifts that will make you the star gift giver. Something for every age.

Bald Eagles arrive in Squamish BC

Once again, the annual winter gathering of Bald Eagles in Squamish BC, conveniently located half way between 2010 Olympic hosts Vancouver and Whistler, is underway. This is often the largest gathering in the world, and it is very easy to see many Eagles.

Experiencing Natural Wonders With Ecotourism

It is an enlightening, participatory travel experience to environments, both natural and cultural which produces viable economic opportunities for the tourism industry and host communities, and makes the use of these resources through conservation beneficial to all tourism role players. Africa is a treasure trove of natural wonders and the jewel at the tip, South Africa, is a slice of paradise for anyone interested in ecotourism.

Alaska – Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Coming

Alaska- Questions you should ask yourself before coming How will you get to Alaska. What type of Alaskan Experience are you looking for? What type of Alaska Vacation are you looking for?

The Historical Wale Watching Town of Hermanus

Each year thousands of domestic and international tourists flock to the shores of the gorgeous coastal town, Hermanus. Internationally renowned for its whale watching, Hermanus is an ideal holiday destination.

Enjoy The Outdoors

Our lives are so busy that we do not seem to have enough time for all that we want to do, including being outdoors. We spend our days working and our nights too tired to enjoy anything else.

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