Nature is rough!!!! Otter gets nasty surprise in Alaska

Escape to the Country This Summer

The Summer holidays offer us so much to do in terms of holidays, getting away from it all and relaxation. There are foreign holidays to destinations that are hot, exotic, busy and exhilarating, there are day and weekend spa trips with friends and there are holidays from home, which focus on holidaying somewhere else in the country. Many people like the home comforts and simple pleasures in life, and so a holiday may mean staying in a boutique hotel in one of the most fashionable cities on the planet, but for others, it could mean taking the time to explore the great British outdoors, or taking up a new pastime or hobby. So try getting out of the city, and visiting the country, it could just be a welcome break from the norm.

Rajasthan Wildlife Tour – Top Three Destinations

Tigers can be spotted here even during the day time. Other animals found in this park are leopards, wild dogs, wild boar, hyenas, sambar, deer, sloth bear, spotted deer, nilgai, etc. The best of this park can be enjoyed by safari rides. Jeep safari rides are organized here. In deed, Ranthambhore is a worth visit on Rajasthan Tour and travels.

Top 5 Beach Essentials

There are few things that can top spending a warm sunny day relaxing at the beach. Whether you like to spend your time lounging in a comfy beach chair with a book, playing a few games of beach volleyball, or cooling off catching a few waves, there are some essential items that you’ll need to have to make your beach day a success. Here is a list of 5 items I make sure to have before I head out for a day in the sun, sand, and water.

Fit or Fat – Pub Walks Around Llangollen Part 3

The third walk in this series of three is tough, but well worth the effort. It starts at the Britannia Inn on the A542 road from Llangollen to the Horseshoe Pass, surely one of the most iconic spots in Borderlands Wales. In the car park a map shows the slate quarries and the route of the old tramway which used to serve them. You’ll be exploring the tramway whilst losing some love handles in the process!

Hurghada Holidays For Fishing Fanatics

If you want to spend your Hurghada holidays on the ocean, then fishing is certainly a great way to do it. The challenge of catching something is exciting, but the process itself can be very serene – not to mention scenic. The coral reefs and small islands in the region mean that fish life is thriving, and offers stunning surroundings for your day out in the boat.

Canopies And Tents – Great Outdoor Accessories

Spending time outdoors can be a very enjoyable experience but having the relevant equipment can sometimes enhance the experience and make things a lot more convenient. You may be spending the day at home in your garden, enjoying the day lake side, attending a festival or camping for the weekend. Having the use of the right equipment can take the experience to the next level. At this point canopies and tents can become very useful assets. For outdoor recreation a canopy tent of portable a size would be desired so as it is easily transportable to your desired location but large enough to provide adequate shelter. With these products being portable by nature it allows them to be multifunctional and used across a wide range of activities, events and locations. There are a great number of uses for them in areas such as leisure and recreation, home and garden and business and commercial too. Another way a canopy tent can be used is as a permanent shelter at your residence as perhaps a pool side shelter, a garden accessory or sometime as vehicle protection.

Lake Conestee Nature Park

A Simpsonville, South Carolina hotel gives an overview of nearby Lake Conestee Nature Park. Visitors to Simpsonville may enjoy the recreational activities available at this quiet natural area.

Getting Crabby for Dinner

Have you ever wondered how to catch crabs? When I was younger and much more active I used to spend a lot of time crabbing. It was one of my favorite past times and I love eating blue crabs.

Spartanburg’s Gardens and Arboreta

A Spartanburg, South Carolina hotel gives an overview of the city’s gardens and arboreta. They offer visitors the chance to enjoy nature in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Dunwoody Nature Center

The Dunwoody Nature Center is a hidden gem in the Perimeter Mall area of metro Atlanta. It preserves 22 acres of natural green space in a growing urban area. The nature center is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic, a quiet walk, or catch a glimpse of area wildlife.

The Montgomery Canal, Shropshire and Welsh Border

Popularly known as “The Monty” this is an often forgotten waterway as boaters on the Llangollen canal rush past the junction at Welsh Frankton with hardly a second glance at the white signpost and its finger pointing to the top lock. The Montgomery had been abandoned after a breach in 1936 having previously suffered poor ground problems and leaks. It decayed, unnoticed and abandoned, until those who cared, backed by the IWA, persuaded BW that it could be saved for future generations. Frankton Locks were restored in 1987 but stood idle for almost 10 years.

The Caldon and Leek Canal

Caldon & Leek Canal – 43 Miles, 34 Locks. An easy week down on one of the most beautiful and quiet canals of them all.

Recreation on the Rio Grande

Gazing out at the barren, baked landscape of the southwestern Texas desert, visitors to the Big Bend region may not expect a thriving population of plants and animals to be nestled inside the cracks and crevices of the volcanic rock that comprise much of the terrain. A closer inspection of the area quickly reveals that this is not the case, as interesting flora and fauna are discovered, vegetation and wildlife that survive the arid heat of the day and the deadly cold of the desert night.

Choosing the Picnic Blanket That Is Perfect for You and the Outdoors

How many times have you said on a beautiful day, “this would be a perfect day for a picnic” but never follow through because you don’t have the right supplies for one? Well, next time be prepared for that moment by having the perfect picnic blanket or outdoor blanket.

Biking the California Desert

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, there is one activity the California desert is made for….. biking. There is a variety of terrain that can be traveled through and biking trails in the desert are plentiful. The city of Palm Springs is a city that was created with biking in mind. There are miles of rolling desert roads along with well-marked city routes and rugged single-track trails that wait to be explored…

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