NERF ASSAULT VEHICLE Build Project & Nerf War – INSANE Nerf Mods & Power Wheels Modifications

Fun Wicker Picnic Basket

For those of us who like to enjoy some of our time in the outdoors, and prefer to make a little effort in order to enjoy a nice lunch or even dinner outside, in the nice relaxing environment of nature and tranquility, a picnic is one thing that will bring a lot of pleasure.

Water Scarcity – See The World React

Water shortages are no longer just a third world problem – how will the developed world react to these problems

Renting Party Tent Accessories and Other Additional Services

Majority of party tent rental companies are not just focused on renting canopies anymore; party accessories such as chairs, lighting, tent decorations and other much needed materials are often part of the package.

Vegas Without Elvis? What Could Be More Impressive…The Hoover Dam Anyone?

From the Hoover Dam to Las Vegas, there’s a surprising wealth of history for the interested tourist in Nevada.

Food – The Heart Of A Nation

In my experience, one of the downsides of vacationing overseas is that, with the “trip” generally being relatively short, you can only scratch at the surface of that countries culture.

The Camino de Santiago – The More Things Change…

The Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage to the sacred tomb of Saint James located in the Northwest corner of Spain. Over a thousand years separate those first faithful footsteps and the steady stream of 21st-century pilgrims that currently wander the streets of Santiago de Compostela.

A Visit to Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa

Addo Elephant Park, one of South Africas National Parks.

Page, Arizona

Page, Arizona, is a small town on a desert mesa near the Arizona border and the “Gateway” to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Lake Powell, the hottest destination for water recreation in the state.

Snake Bites Kill 125,000 Annually World Wide

If you see a snake and you are unaware of what type it is, then you might consider simply avoiding it. Snakes generally do not want anything do with larger animals and for the most part will simply go away if you do not harass them or challenge them. Providing there is a direct escape route for cover.


Is there a missing link between the lower primates and man? Reports of sightings of this creature have come from all over the world. Reports of sightings of yeti or the abominal snowman have taken place for years in the Tibetan-Himalayan area.

Campgrounds in British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia is a beautiful city. That being said, you are really missing out if you do not leave the city and go stay at the wide variety of campgrounds in the area.

Campgrounds in Michigan

While winters can be cold, Michigan has a great outdoors tradition in spring, summer and fall. A great way to experience this tradition is to try out the campgrounds in Michigan.

Living in Mojave

I lived in Mojave, California for three months and wish I could go back.

Used Motor Homes

Motor homes make vacations more comfortable and convenient. A true home away from home, they have the beauty, elegance, and functional value of any house or hotel room. Be it just for a simple outing or an adventurous trip, motor homes are the best way to travel.

Motor Homes for Sale

Looking for a home that’s away from home? For traveling at will without any bonds or schedules, motor homes are perfect.

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