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Survival Tools for Traveling to Remote Places

Traveling to unknown areas, particularly remote destinations or developing nations, you may encounter unfamiliar or even dangerous situations. Even basics like clean drinking water could be difficult to find. The key to handling the unknown is being prepared for any situation.

Some Reasons to Go Camping

We live in a developed world where cities are growing faster than the hair on your head. Trees are being cut every day and the natural habitat of many places is in danger.

Planning a Camping Expedition

I am a diehard traveler and most of the best trips that I have ever been on, the worth remembering all your life, have been camping expedition. I can barely remember which hotel I had slept in the last time I had gone on a trip but I invariably remember all the details of all the camping trips that I have ever been on. Once I had gone on a trip with some family friends to Canada and we were living in Toronto.

How to Buy the Right Camping Gear to Suit Your Needs

Purchasing gear for your backpacking or camping trips is not rocket science. However, it’s not a piece of cake also because there are literally thousands of products and models to choose from.

Essential Items You Will Need on a Camping Trip

Backpacking across the hills is an extremely rewarding activity. You get to spend valuable time with nature and replenish yourself. However, you will need some essential camping gear before you depart on a trip to the mountains.

Buying Camping Gear

Camping is indeed one of the most exciting types of holidays that you can go on. It is about sense of adventure you get when you are out in the hills, away from civilization, technology and other irritating man-made disturbances.

Good Companions

I do wish more of you would join us who take joy in the observation of nature and become our good companions, too. You can so easily. This is an activity that one can take on in youth, in maturity, in mid-life. It can be as leisurely or strenuous as anyone desires. It takes you from the hustle, bustle of normal living and grants you tranquility.

Hiking Around North Georgia Mountains

Hiking can be more fun with some research. Most visitors to our area itch to hit the trails and experience hiking in the North Georgia Mountains.

A Spectacular Adventure to the Top of a Colossal Natural Arch: The Sterling Pass to Vultee Arch Hike

Autumn in Arizona with its bright sunny days and near perfect day time temperatures is unquestionably the best time of the year to get out, enjoy nature and the outdoors and also experience the state’s own beautiful fall foliage season. Located up in the higher elevations of the state of Arizona just a few hours from Phoenix, you will find that Arizona too has much to offer when it comes to fall color and there is no place more world renown for all its mystical beauty and breathtaking red rock mountain scenery than Sedona.

Eagle Watching at Lake Guntersville, Alabama

The Lake Guntersville area in northeast Alabama is a popular spot for eagle watching during the winter months. Migratory golden and bald eagles generally arrive in late November to make the area their temporary home. Females will lay eggs in December and January. Nesting birds will remain in the region until spring, as eaglets will stay in the nest for about three months.

The Top 3 Reasons You Should Take a Walking Tour in Spain

Embarking on a walking tour through Spain is the ultimate getaway. Hike the world-famous El Camino de Santiago, experience the uniquely vibrant culture, and bask in a level of breathtaking scenery you have never witnessed before. Regardless of your age, race, culture, or background, here are several reasons why your next trip should be to Spain.

Feeling Green With Envy in Craigvinean Forest

If I was ever going to become a hermit (Yes I’ve thought about this before.) I would want to live in the hermitage section of the Craigvinean forest in Dunkeld, Scotland. And not just because it has the perfect name. We found this spot while on a 3 day bus tour through the Scottish Highlands, our bus stopped at the hermitage to give us all a chance to stretch our legs. It is definitely a top contender for one of the most peaceful places I’ve been.

New Independent Report Analyzing the UK’s Growing Leisure Sector in 2012 and 13

I knew that tourism was now a key part of the UK economy and that accommodation played a large part in tourism provision. However, I was surprised to learn recently that “non-serviced” accommodation provided by the UK leisure accommodation sector – such as camping, caravan parks, motorhomes, campervans, holiday cottages and lodges – accounted for over half of the more than 65,000 stock available in 2011. This prompted me to look at what’s happened in the non-serviced accommodation area this year and how it could develop in 2013.

Must See Unusual Attraction in India

India has many tourist destinations for everyone who is keen on something outdoor bound. Here is a list of unusual outdoor destinations in India that would take anyone’s breath away.

Hiking Near Blue Ridge – The Benton Mackaye Trail

Hiking near Blue Ridge is one of the most enjoyable activities. The Benton MacKaye Trail has its southern terminus on the top of Springer Mountain – it commences just past the start of the famous Appalachian Trail, the AT.

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