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Enjoy an Exciting School Sports Tour in Lake Garda

School sports tours are the perfect way to engage with and reward pupils, as well as providing them with extra practice and tuition for their talents. If you are searching for a venue for your students, you need look no further than Lake Garda.

Sightseeing in Barcelona With Bike Tours

Barcelona is a city of architectural wonder. The monumental historic places are feast to the art lovers. The best way to go about Barcelona for sightseeing is to take the famous half day bike tour around the city.

Fall – A Colorful Time Of Year

The peak times to view these beautiful colors of fall vary, depending entirely on where you live. Knowing the approximate time when the colors will be at their best, allows you to plan your colorful field trip.

Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life in Kiev Ukraine

From your Kiev hotel, you can easily get to a place where you can see what life was like for rural Ukrainians in a bygone age. This is an open air museum that covers 150 hectares. The museum is in fact a small town, made up of about 200 buildings from various parts of the country.

Do You Know About the Volcanoes?

Volcano is an earth opening or rupturing of the planets surface or crust. It occurs after the underground rocks heat to melting points and rupture on the earth’s surface to allow hot magma, ash and other gases to escape. They occur where tectonic plates diverge or converge.

The Wonderful Lake Natron

Lake Natron is found in Tanzania and it’s very close to the Kenyan border. It’s a salt water lake that is located on the eastern side of the Great Rift Valley. The lake is fed by a river known as Ewaso Ng’iro and mineral rich hot springs that drain down the lake. The area around the land is usually very hot and temperature can rise up to 500C. During such times a lot of evaporation occurs due to the high levels of salts and other minerals.

Historical Mines of Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy in Flinders Ranges is the worlds’ producer of opal. The writing enumerates the old mines in the city.

Prepare for Autumn

Among four seasons, I love autumn and spring. Autumn is a season for harvest; and spring is a season for hope. Moreover, the two seasons always have mild weather, which is not hot or cold. And now the hot summer has gone, and the cool autumn is coming.

How to Identify the Most Common Fish When Snorkeling in Hawaii

If you and your kids are excited about snorkeling, you will also be excited about identifying the fish that you see. There are several species that you are likely to run across, no matter where you snorkel in Hawaii. These species are described below.

My First Wainwright Walk – Scafell Pike From Eskdale, The Lake District, Cumbria

Me and two of my brothers walked up Scafell Pike in the lake district, Cumbria starting off in Eskdale, it was the first Wainwright I had walked, it was a long hard day and we really under estimated how hardcore the walk actually was, but none the less we thoroughly enjoyed it and I would definitely do it again.

Costa Rica Activities

Costa Rica is the place to be, and once you arrive, you want to fill your days with activities. What does Costa Rica have to offer in the way of fun-filled activities? Let’s make this simple by listing the activities that you CAN’T do in Costa Rica. Here they are: Skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing. Anything else that you may want to do is available for you in Costa Rica!!!

Akaka Falls in Akaka Falls State Park – Big Island, Hawaii

On the Big Island of Hawaii, you can find the magnificent Akaka Falls State Park. Akaka Falls State Park is located about about 11 miles north of Hilo on the east side of the Big Island of Hawaii. The drive to the park is somewhat scenic, offering nice views of Mauna Kea. Once you reach Akaka Falls State Park, there is a short, half-mile loop trail that you will need to hike to view Akaka Falls.

Enjoy a Holiday in the French Alps

Are you too getting bored with your life? Then go ahead and plan a holiday!

Floating Markets of the Mekong Delta – Get a Glimpse Into Vietnamese Culture

Vietnam is incredible and still authentic – it’s not “spruced up” for tourists. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the Mekong Delta, with its floating markets, where locals live, work and earn a living from the many tributaries of the river. You can easily get a feel for the real workings of this country and how things are done. Here, everyone is an entrepreneur of sorts!

Shaba, the African Safari Land of the Born Free

It is our day on an african safari to Samburu with Lil Super Safaris have just had a five-hour drive from Nairobi to Shaba National Reserve. We have arrived at the Sarova Shaba Game Lodge in Samburu and ushered in with a glass of fresh juice and warm face towels. This is the same lodge that hosted the cast and crew of the film, Born Free, a true life-story of George and Joy Adamson n 1998.

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