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Tic-Toc This Den is Locked – Picking Blueberries in Cape Breton

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia is a place on this earth where richness is measured by the warmth of its people. Steeped in Scottish tradition and its own brand of island culture has created some indigenous social traits. Even with something as ordinary as blueberry picking, ‘Capers’ have displayed a unique blueberry picking etiquette. Calling out “Tic-Toc this den is locked!” brought order to group blueberry picking expeditions.

Robins Nesting – Up Close and Personal – “Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ at our Front Door” in Carp Ontario

Nature’s wonder of Robins nesting right on our front porch in Carp Ontario. Discovering some robin parenting characteristics and interesting behavior of the hatched chicks. These are revealed in both this article and through digital images at under the keywords ‘carp robins’.

Responsible Travel in Asia

In short, responsible tourism is about helping to ensure that future generations have a chance to enjoy exploring the world every bit as much as you can today. The efforts we can all make here and now will help to sustain the cultures and the environments they live in. Whilst people often presume that you need to spend the week in an eco lodge on the banks of the Mekong River drinking recycled water to become a responsible traveller, it only takes a few small adjustments to start making a difference.

RV Sales

The United States has a vast topography including, beaches, forests and mountains. This prompts an increasing number of people to go for short holidays, either for recreational purposes or to cope with stressful lifestyles. Recreational vehicles are considered to be a perfect getaway for weekend and short domestic trips to neighboring cities. The increase in demand for these vehicles has resulted in an increase of RV sales.

MotoSat Satellite Internet, HDTV and Television Systems for Motor homes

It is common knowledge with FMCA Members and Motor Home owners that the best HDTV Satellite Systems and Mobile Internet Satellite systems for Recreational Vehicles are MotoSat Systems.

Yellowstone Area: The Best Family Vacation!

I would recommend the Yellowstone area because there is something for everyone. The sight-seer, the hiker, the biker, the rafter, the canoer, the camper, the young and the old. Don’t put it off any longer; visit Yellowstone; winter or summer; and make some memories.

Travel Destinations on Africa’s West Cape: Knysna

Knysna is a lovely area located on Africa’s ‘Garden Route.’ The garden route is one of Africa’s main locations for travelers and stretches along South Africa’s Coast. Knysna is located between the Outeniqua Mountains and the Indian Ocean. Knysna’s name is thought to derive from the Khio word for ‘straight down.’

Navigating Without a Compass

Finding direction without the aid of a compass and telling time without a watch. Hiking, and in particular hiking in remote areas, is a great experience if approached with due regard for fitness, safety and skill.

Purchasing a Camp Stove

Camp stoves are an essential piece of equipment, whether you’re going for a short weekend trip or a two week hike.

Trailer Awning – Travel in Comfort

Want a great way to improve your travelling trailer experience? Check out this easy way to do it.

Before You Start Shopping for a Tent There are Three Things You Want to Consider

You need to decide on your budget, if you can spend $20, $100, $500 or what ever the number is. Tents can cost from $20 to around $900, you don’t have to spend your total budget but it is good to know what you can afford so you have options.

Choosing the Right Campground

Picking out a campground for your vacation sounds like a simple task. But actually, there are so many variables, it is easy to end up in a campground that does not fit your style or needs. There is no “best” campground. There are only those campgrounds that fit your camping style. Here are some things to consider.

Finally Traveling to the Yukon! Now What?

For many people a trip to the Yukon is a once in a lifetime experience. People think of the midnight sunsets, endless wildlife and pristine wilderness and little about planning for the journey. As any vacation can either be enhanced or stifled by the amount of planning that one does up-front, when traveling to Canada’s north it becomes even more important. Goods & services that are readily available in your hometown may not always be available in Haines Junction, Watson Lake or Dawson City.

How to Pick the Tent that is Right for You and Your Family

When deciding on the tent that is right for you and your family’s needs and wants there are a few things to keep in mind. When I buy new equipment of any kind I like to go through the same thought process. One is how often am I going to use it, how often will I be upgrading to new and or better. How long will it before I am at a disadvantage with my existing equipment and how long it will last before it wears out.

Looking for and Picking a Good Site to Put Your Tent

Camping in the great outdoors is one of my favorite things to do. I have discovered over the years that if you take just a little time in selecting you camp site your trip will be that much more enjoyable.

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