SURVIVAL Catch and Cook Series! Day 1 Of 30 Day Survival Challenge Season 2 Canadian Rockies

-[ Zachary] Hold on now, shoot the smashes, you can’t start here! This is like halfway through, you gotta start from the beginning! That’s cute , not the start of the log trimmed, the first day!( “Slide” by Simone Osterhold) -[ Man] In the start, “theres nothing”. The breather of the great, inundated at the face in the void whispering tell there be light!

And light was. The first day. -[ Zachary] Ah geez , not that first day, the first day, day one of the 30 Day Survival Challenge!( “Slide” by Simone Osterhold) I’m Zachary Fowler – And I’m Greg Ovens – And this is the 30 Day Survival Challenge, Canadian Rockies! There’s only one regulation, if you wanna eat, you gotta catch and cook it.

( light music) The 30 Day Survival Challenge Season Two Canadian Rockies has been brought to you in part by Dr. Squatch Soap. Hidden Woodsmen Gaer. Go Prepared Survival. Outdoor Vitals.

Wazoo Survival Gear. Simple Shot Shooting Spots. An Grim Workshop. Check out the link in the description below for the gear video of the 30 Day Survival Challenge. All liberty, bringin’ the girls to mom’s house.

– Yes! -[ Zachary] You guys energized? -[ Girls] Yeah! – Chicken fry! -[ Zachary] Are you guys energized to see dad go away for a while?

– No – No! Don’t rise! – Wahhh! – Drama queens. Come here, give me a grip, I’m gonna be gone for a whole month.

All right. – Can you get me a plaything while you’re gone? – How bout, okay. How about trout bark boots? – Yeah, yeah, yeah!

( Zachary laughing) – I’ll discover what I can do. Well they seem really heartbroken( chortles ). Mommy! To babies, everythings in the moment, isn’t it? PWN, my parents “ve been given” a travel to the airport, they came up to get me out the door, to the Rockies.

All right guys, love you, take care! – Love you, Zach! – Have a safe drive back to Vermont! – Got the air rifle, 100 pound bag, what’s it gonna cost me? What is it gonna cost me to fly to Canada, yee haw!

-[ Woman] That’s a weapon? -[ Zachary] Yes. It’s a, well, an air rifle, yes. Yeah. -[ Woman] Okay.

-[ Zachary] All right, see you in Canada buddy! 85, 85 pounds over weight, once again when I head out on my outings, I’m always overweight, but I come home truly light.

All right, 305 for both pockets, the air rifle and the monstrous case, and then it cost me thousands and thousands of horses to ship all my nonsense up there to Greg’s and now I gotta wait eight times here, they said, to make sure that they don’t need to open up the handgun again and unlock it and exactly to assessment it, see if it’s safe, things like that, and then I’m allowed to go in so it’s a good thing I showed up early. I had a feeling this might be a smart time to be early.( lively music) All claim, I’m cleared.

Air rifle is on its way to Canada and so am I, let’s travel by montage.( elevator music) It’s gonna be a slow montage. Just kiddin ‘, let’s get it on!( soft upbeat music) -[ Woman] How are you? -[ Zachary] Good.

( upbeat music) Wahoo, they let me in.( upbeat music) Wow, I’m here! I cannot believe that they just come out of that thing, spit up your bags and there they are! It’s amazing! I make, sure they are only do that with your pockets but with my rifle?

Seems a little peculiar. All privilege, I acquired myself a go-cart. Now I just gonna find Greg, where is he? He’s not “the worlds largest”, cell phone handy person. So, I got no idea where he is, he hasn’t replied to “I landed” -[ Man] Three days later.

– We knew each other! Took a little while! – A long time! – Ugh, concrete jungle. – To the bush we go!

-[ Zachary] Yeah, let’s get it on, let’s do it.( knocking on door) – Coffee time. -[ Zachary] Hey, there he is! Thank you, Sir. All right everybody, there he is, this is Greg Ovens.

Greg was on Alone. – Might be feasible with some kinda trap to get a pig. Okay. – Same time as I was. How numerous days did you make it?

– 51 – 51! 51 dates, I ever wanna give you 53 eras for some reason. – Well, yeah that’s right. – Wow, look at that! Elevations goin’ up in the clouds, you don’t see that in Maine!

We got a little hill called Cathaden and– – That’s about it, ey? – Compared to that, yeah so. – Yeah, we got a lot of nice cascades too, you’re gonna like that. – So we came up the road two hours last light, abode at a little motel, and he’s been the kind of– You got some uh– You were bein’ kinda cowardly last darknes, what do we got strategy? – Well, today we’re goin’ up to the ski hill that you might see in the picture there and there’s one of the biggest Grizzly Bears in captivity in the world up there!

( lighthearted music) Yeah the thimble berries aren’t quite ready yet but we’ll have moo-cow parsnip, there’ll be a lot of other weeds we’ll have so— – Plants are good, and that’s one thing that I haven’t really been able to show you guys as one of the purposes of our adventures’ cause they’re you know, it’s been nice sparse during the different times that I’ve been doin’ stuff.

You know, we just did it during the wilderness living challenge had the cat tush shoots. – Yeah – Which are just a treat when you have daytimes of munching clams and ailwide fish – Yeah – And inhaled fish and nonsense Then you go and have something like a cucumber wild, so savory! All the other undertakings I’ve done, it’s just been really sparse on the veggies, you know? – Right!

– It’s like, that’s difficult. – Yeah, that won’t be the case, this is prime time for most plants. -[ Zachary] Nice. Oh I distinguished one, our first grizzly! – You’ve never seen one?

-( chortles) No, I’ve never seen a grizzly.

Never seen a grizzly so this’ll be great! – This will be a treat for you then. – So, Greg told me there were gonna be blueberries, I didn’t think about it and I was thinking the Maine blueberries, the little low bush, the government has high undergrowth blueberries! – Oh yeah, the bushes are seven hoofs tall.

– Those are my favorite! – Oh yeah. – They’re like giant little plums of delicious, this is gonna be so awesome! – It is – And even if they don’t ripen till our last week, or somethin ‘, that’s gonna be– What a analyse! -[ Greg] Yeah – What a treat.

– Boo knows the barrier, other abides don’t, they can charge and then if you have a fence, could be done, what if you exactly decided to come chill out you know! – He’s not as big as I thought he was.

– Now, black brings as opposed to grizzlys, they’re great climbers. -[ Zachary] Oh yes, sugared justification. 1.

5 million views really because everybody wanted to tell me that accepts climb trees, I know stands descend trees, but how many bear attacks actually happen up a tree and according to him, and other people, grizzlys are not big climbers, so that’s what I’m bank on as we head further up into the Rockies to deplete the next 30 eras subsisting in and around makes that could be used to quite possibly be as big as this guy. So what do you think he weighs right now at this time? – I would expect he probably weighs around 650.

-[ Zachary] 650? – We weighed him around two weeks ago on the life source flakes down there in the isolation corner and “hes in” at 624 pounds.

-[ Zachary] So in from springtime meter till the end of its first year, how much does he put one over? – So coming out he is very likely weigh at around 550, and then maybe between 750 to 800, depending, that’s probably what he will go in at winter. -[ Zachary] Like 300 pounds of– – Keeps them alive, especially during hyperphasia, at the moment he’s eating around 12,000 calories a day and towards winter it gets up to 50,000. We bring up his element in standard containers, near winter, we bringing it up in tubs, it’s quite the exert. – I don’t feel so silly for trying to put on a little heavines for our 30 Day Survival Challenge now.

( gentlemen laughing) – We won’t be derive weight. -[ Zachary] No, we won’t be gaining force. Pretty superb. – Yeah, told you later. – He is one big-hearted bear.

– His claws are longer than your fingers. – I’d hate to run into that with a bad attitude. – So, our last dinner, before we head out, elk steaks. -[ Zachary] Yee haw! -[ Greg] Can’t beat’ em!

We probably won’t be eatin’ this good out there. -[ Zachary] Right! Here we go, got some goodies for ya. – This searches good. -[ Zachary] First off, that’s the Hidden Woodsman -[ Greg] The Hidden Woodsman it says, yep!

-[ Zachary] The haversack -[ Greg] Made in the USA. -[ Zachary] And chalk full of goodies! I’m gonna framed a tie-up in the specific characteristics below announced Greg’s Goodie Video, I bought him a ton of stuff from myself and from our patrons, some really neat things you’re probably gonna wanna see if you’re into that sort of stuff, so check out that join in the specific characteristics below if are you gonna consider the full unboxing of all these goodies I drew him.

– Lifetime warranty! -[ Zachary] Yeah.

– With me? Do they know whose tryin” em on?( Zachary laughing) These t-bones are gonna be good. -[ Zachary] Yeah( ethereal music) My first bite of elk steak. – Ever?

– Mmmm! Yeah, ever! – It’s good, right? – That is so good! – Mhm.

You’re gonna wanna come back and disappear elk hunting. – I’ve been huntin’ the wrong trash. -( laughs) It’s good! – That is really good, and you got this one yourself, right? – Yep!

– Yep. -[ Zachary] What were you saying the other daytime? You’ve gotten one each year for the past 10 times? – Yep! – Elk hunter extraordinaire, Greg Ovens, and cook extraordinaire.

– Thank you – I am gonna be livin’ it up here in the mountains. Hopefully as good as this, but for now, we’re gonna finish our dinner and we got some rest to get in so we can hit the trail. This is so good.

– Enjoy it,’ motive you might not chew this good out there. – No, we should be eatin’ good.

pexels photo 9545549

– We’ll snack good but– – We simply won’t be havin’ marinaded elk. – Definitely won’t be marinated elk. – And surely, emphatically , no taters cherished. Mmm! Mmmm!

( irrigate rolling) What a majestic feeling I’m for the last time Out in the timbers There won’t be a shower Just me and some cold elevation ice water Good to be clean-living! Good to be clean-living! Be clean one last-place experience before I punch the timbers, trimmed up the wookie a little bit. All cleaned up , no reason I can’t go into this looking somewhat and reeking good.

‘Cause who knows what I’ll come out the other end lookin’ like.

– Argh! – Ahhh! – It might look like we got a lot of stuff but actually, what do you think? – A heap of its camera paraphernalium! – That’s all pretty much camera gear, isn’t it?

You know we don’t wanna run out of SD posters, batteries or the ability to charge them, solar battery – Nope! – But enough talkin’ let’s go adventuring!( lively music) What’d ya recognize? – Well, strawberry loved. Strawberry tasting little berry abilities on it.

We’re gonna compile a few of those, we’re actually gonna infringe this one off and delivering it with us for a little snack. And I never take all of the stuff’ compel you are to be able to reseed themselves but this is a plant that up now you don’t see too often. Strawberry Blate. And it’s very savory. I haven’t seen a big one like this for a while.

( lively music) – Mmm – Those aren’t bad, ey? – It’s very mellow. – Yeah, but really gone! – But good! – Yeah!

( lively music) All right, “were here” at our destination. This is our day one stop. We’re gonna work our action further and further into the outback but right now we’re stoppin’ right here. Day One’s camp spot now! We came our pool down here whoa, look at that, all blue-blooded and clear.

Oh that is gorgeous, there’s a nice little cliff over there. – People actually– – We gonna do some cliff diving? – Well, you know some people do jump off that face but I don’t recommends the following and I’m too old for that. – There’s an eagle! – There’s an osprey – An osprey – Yeah!

Catchin’ some fish. – So it’s penetrating enough there for a cliff leap – It is, it is, yep. – Huh – But I make, that’s like 70 hoofs. – I attend the fish! – Yeah, “youre seeing” them right in the water– – I picture the little fish, there, it’s like a fingerlings.

– Yep! – Some fingerlinks. – Well, they’re like six to eight inches long but they’re easy to catch. – Nice! This is so beautiful.

Water is just so clear and really shouldn’t have walked up here without our poles. Like Greg was just saying when I turned the camera off for a second, shouldn’t have walked up without poles we’d have 10 already. Just wanted to take it in for a minute.

There’s an outhouse here! Well, better loved it while we can’ induce this is the firstly stop on our adventure.

We’re gonna devote like three days now, harvesting up some fish, smokin” em so we can take’ em further back and further in’ compel as we get further back a couple hours into the, deeper in, we’re gonna leave the truck behind and then head up into where the grizzlys are and where there’s some secret hike-in lakes and that’s when we’re gonna have to build our shelters up into the trees, so this will be a treat time to relax for me’ induce I’ve been traveling so much to get here, to meet up with Greg, to get my stuff has been a fiasco, getting that through custom-builts and everything, I am just so excited, I am so psyched for this. But right now, we have one more complication before we can even set up and fish and remain. -[ Greg] Sackin’ the scoops. More gradual sure as shooting. – Oh yeah, piece of cake, spade for the make!

So we decided not to set up our tent just yet.

Take advantage of the fact that we’re in the most beautiful place in the world to be fishing right now, and I’m not ready, I’m not ready, I “re going to have to” applied some more direction on. – A quantity of times what I do to get rid of cable in a hurry, I’ll tie it to a discipline and drive down the straight unfold till it’s hung, then you precisely rally it. – I thought you were gonna say standoff to to a discipline, drive down the straight strain and only preserve goin ‘, never is currently considering your back position mirror again.

– I do pick it up.

– You do pick it up – I do collect it. -‘ Cause that was one thing. – Well because you can catch birds and you know. – Yeah and that’s one thing that’s reprehensible , good-for-nothing like when you is an indication at a net expanse, and you be brought to an end with somebody else’s fishing text tangled around your hoof. – No, I wouldn’t do that.

– Yep! – Wanted to get some fishin’ time in.( Zachary laughing) – And then you also have a survival bird trap right there you time articulated some enticement in the midst of that, you come back and you got your bird.

– Yeah While we’re gettin’ set up here, I’d like to mention that we’re gonna have a competition we’re gonna keep track of every fish we catch. – No, I was thinking about Patagonia like who caught more.

You caught one more than me. – Yeah. – So, but on all the episodes of Alone, I wonder if there’s anybody else that caught more. – I, well, I don’t know, how many did “were losing”? I lost about, I lost 15.

‘ Cause I deterred racetrack. – When you count the ones that you caught, do you count the ones that you lost? – No , no no no!( Zachary laughing) So then it would’ve been 70 somethin ‘. – Oh yeah!

– So 64 arrived, but some were just little minnows. – I got you beat there, I only lost two! – Oh, yeah , no I lost acces more than that. – And it’s actually simply one if you count the one that I lost and that I managed to retrieve with the rob still in its cheek, a few months later. – Right right right, right.

-[ Zachary] All right, we’re down now and as you can see right there, there’s Greg’s catch that “hes having” positioned and what else do I see down here, Greg? – Well, that’s that fishin’ baton that I must’ve left here plainly, I necessitate about a month ago when I was doing the video for the trap.

-[ Zachary] Check out the link in the specific characteristics below for Greg’s channel and his videos on this serial, Oven’s Rocky Mountain Bushcraft is the name of his direct, it’s not ready yet but if you’re watching this two weeks after the pole year, the link may be active down below there and you’ll be able to start watching his videos, I’m overseeing the edits on his videos as well as my own, that’s why it’s running a bit behind, but they will catch up.

-[ Greg] It is a little tricky to set cameras up now though – Hook n’ spoonful thing goin’ on here. These are usually reasonably successful with a worm on it.

Had little bit with this the first time I assign it out and now , nothin ‘. Got my first one here in Canada, left my big camera down the shore,’ begin Greg and I were gettin’ nothin’ over there. So, I pushed on down the bank a little bit, and nailed my first one down here. See if we can get some more, wanna ingest more than simply that little guy, he’s not much, he’s oof, spunky, that’s for sure.

About the size of a one dollar bill, that’ll do, that’ll do.

Get three or four of those, that’ll make a nice little dinner. And now that he munch my worm, thumped my snake off there, put some gills on the hook, see if I can’t catch something bigger. Oh! Have a second one but I’m gonna let him extend he’s kinda insignificant. There ya proceed buddy.

Well that’s it, four little fish, this one I didn’t wanna get but, he was gut robbed so bad I couldn’t retrieve him off of now without truly killin” em sorry I didn’t manage to catch one on camera. I just– uch, I just got, so much traveling and so much work to get to this point, and my camera method of walking away from camp without a artillery and I’m all out of wack. I need a daylight precisely to be out here and catch my breath and offset back out, come some fish in my food, feel right, know what I mean? Tomorrow, tomorrow will be different, let’s go back and get that fire goin ‘, come cozy, have some fish, oh, and relax.

It’s been a long street to get now That travelin ‘, takes a lot out of ya.

All right, shells goin ‘! – Fires goin ‘, doc! -[ Zachary] I visualize Greg acquired our challenge, I listen up over there you caught -[ Greg] Well I caught four but I– -[ Zach] You get four? – But I cause, I think it was three proceed. -[ Zachary] What a conservationist!

You lettin’ all our menu arrive, just kidding. -[ Greg] I know. -[ Zachary] Yep, I came four extremely but he shaped me to it. – Got the fervour goin’ with the Wazoo fire starter necklace. -[ Zachary] How’d you like that?

– It drudgeries good like if you learn how to use it. -[ Zachary] Yep! I didn’t even show ya how to use it. – No, but– -[ Zachary] It’s a fervor starter, right? -[ Greg] It’s a attack starter, you know.

So, I make it’s short so you have to go fast– Wow, I’m not gettin’ any flickers right now but I entail formerly you get used to how to use it– I want, at least it’s an emergency thing, right? -[ Zachary] That precipitated pretty good. – It triggers good. – Well once you get used to it, you wonder why you ever needed that beings Ferro rod. – Yeah, if you, yeah!

It is short, short-lived. – With a good segment of tinder, like the sear strip I be maintained in my wallet, they activate right up. – I really exploited grass but I intend dry rotted stump would work good too. – Cool – Because one flicker would get that radiating and then you could make a coal to like your friction fire bow drill and trash right? – Yep!

All right, time to set up the hammocks, Greg’s cleaning the fisheries industry, I’m gonna set up our hammocks.

So we can get some rest after we eat. It’s been a long daytime, long daylight, long couple daytimes coming here. – I mean we could probably eat them raw but I elevate them cooked. – They’re a couple of tiny fries, aren’t they?

– Oh, they’re not big , no. But, we just work our route further and further and the fish will get bigger and bigger and the permits will too, it’ll be good! -( chortles) Yeah! It’s beautiful out here worker is it beautiful -[ Greg] It is!( fervour crackling) -[ Zachary] They’re pretty tiny.

Not a lot to’ em. All right, I am in my hammock. Man, this feels so good, what a daylight! Four fish, in Canada, my first catch of this new adventure. And I’m in my hammock, I feel like I’m back, like home.

I hinder sayin’ I’m gonna decide this up in my house and sleep in it, I don’t– But I never sleep so good as I do when I’m out here in my hammock, in the mad, and the fresh air, lover, I certainly should do it. Merely determined it up in my backyard and just start livin’ there. At least when I go to bed at night, that’ll be my bedroom. Not a bad first day, I don’t know how it’ll play out in the revise if it’ll has become a epic as it felt for me you know seein’ these elevations and stuff, and the– It’s just, it’s so different from home, it’s been two years since I’ve seen mountains that rise up like this, you are familiar with, like when I was in Patagonia and feels great, adore bein’ now, can’t wait to get up to more escapades, but for now I am strike! And I’m going to bed, see you tomorrow, Fowler out.

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