Survival Shelter Winter Camping in Blizzard – Deep Snow Camping in Alaska

Austria More Than A Winter Destination

Most of us are used to think that Austria is mainly a winter destination and the first things that come in mind are Alps, skiing, snowboarding. But is it really like this? Actually, the beautiful nature of the country reveals itself in all seasons, but winter!

Dressing Right for Winter Fun

When cold winter is at your door, you need to be ready. Canadian Winters are long and cold, what will you wear? Come out and enjoy the outdoors, it will be wonderful to have fun on the slopes.

Discover Snowshoeing

If you finally decided to step out of your cozy home and enjoy beautiful winter wonderland, this is for you. It is not about skiing or snowboarding, THIS is better. So start right here, discover snowshoeing.

Beauty of Winter Photography

Winter Photography can be quite intimidating and you may think that it is just too complicated… Not so, come out and try it with us. You will be amazed of what you and your little camera can do!

Winnie the Pooh and the Hundred Acre Woods GPS Style: Geocaching

The latest fashion in travel entertainment could be labeled as the “new” adventures of Winnie the Pooh. As our children venture out into the unknown, they can now be accompanied by a personal handheld global positioning system, otherwise known as a GPS. With this, they are able to track where they are and where they have been and in doing so can easily follow treasure hunts worldwide. This new technology, recently integrated into cellular phones, for a variety of reasons proves to be a highlight for both the parent and child.

Cape May Bird Observatory in New Jersey

Cape May is arguably North America’s premier birding location, with hundreds of species making their home here.

Hikers Hut Etiquite – A Guide For New Zealand

If you’re thinking of coming to New Zealand and getting out and enjoying some of our fantastic National parks there are a few thing’s you might want to know about the unwritten laws of hut etiquette.

Blithewold Mansion in Rhode Island

Blithewold Mansion in Rhode Island is and American Architectural treasure, and a can’t miss for New England history buffs.

Stocking Stuffers for Paddlers

Have a paddler on your Christmas list but don’t know what to put in their stocking? Here’s a list of things that will delight anyone who likes to canoe or kayak. All are under $25, so it won’t break Santa’s wallet!

Grand River Rafting Trips Offer Leisure Rafting For All

Grand River rafting trips in southern Ontario offer an alternative option to the whitewater experience. Leisure river rafting is an outdoor activity for all ages – offering a great getaway for everyone.

Nassau Travel and Tourism

No matter who you are, Nassau’s thriving travel and tourism business has many things for you to do when you’re in town. The Caribbean area offers many activities to fill your day on your family vacation. The beautiful sunny weather allows you to experience a variety of attractions with the help of a friendly tour guide or sightseeing charter trip.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling in the Bahamas

Just as every travel destination is different, every traveler is different as well. The various interests you have will depend on the various activities you want to embark in on a vacation. The beautiful crystal-clear waters of Nassau, Bahamas will have most travelers wanting to hit the waves. Whether you want a hands-on experience or not is beside the point. Various scuba diving or snorkeling packages are available for newcomers even to experience this hands-on ocean experience.

Things to Do in Nassau

No matter who you are or what you enjoy, Nassau, Bahamas has many things for you to do when you’re in town. The Caribbean area offers a large range of fun-filled activities to fill your day. The beautiful sunny weather allows tourists to experience a variety of attractions on their vacation.

A Little Bahamas History

Bahamas history started in 1496 when Columbus founded the local area. Since then, the importance of tourism to their economy is remarkable. Various people travel to the beautiful Islands each year to embrace the warm climate and beautiful scenery around Nassau and Nassau Harbour. The Bahamas remain one of the most popular vacation spots.

Winter Fun in Ontario – 10 Great Things to Do in the Snow!

Enjoy winter in Ontario by getting out of doors and taking part in a snowy activity. Five months of winter gives plenty of opportunity to sample all this wonderland has to offer, so take a look at ten of the best.

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