Survive Falling Through the Ice – (Ice Fishing Fail)

Adventure Outdoors in Bled and Its Surroundings

Nothing prepared us for the beauty of Slovenia’s Bled and Lake Bled. A small town in northwest Slovenia, Bled’s claim to fame is its lovely picturesque lake and the thermal springs which have earned it exclusive spa resort status. To boot, a wealth of outdoor adventure travel activities are on offer here and in the surrounding area.

Choosing Kayaking Gear – A Basic Breakdown

If you’re new to the sport of paddling, selecting the appropriate kayaking gear may seem like a daunting task. By starting with some basic equipment, you can easily build upon this foundation and customize it to suit your preferences as you become more experienced.

Have Fun With Top Beaches

Nowadays beaches are becoming the most favorable destination for weddings. Every year, the number of visitors or tourists increases in a high amount. Day by day, sandal beaches get high popularity.

Some Important Treasure Hunting Ideas

Treasure hunting may just be a hobby but people have actually become rich just because of such fun activity. What makes it quite interesting is that, unlike other hobbies that could make money, this cost little. Just with basic digging tools and a powerful metal detector, you could be on your way to find treasures in locations that you suspect these are buried.

Men’s Water Shoes Review

Men’s water shoes are offered by all of the major outdoor footwear manufacturers; however which are the best water shoes to buy? Merrell, Teva, Keen, Columbia and the North Face are all high quality brands, so what are the best men’s water shoes to buy to help you get the most out of your aquatic adventures.

Enjoy Historical Destinations of Greece, Berlin and Belgium

Many history lovers, visit to these places. It is the best for younger and older. Exploring these places makes your trip complete and worth. If you will search online, you will definitely get all the required details from traveling to famous spots.

Walking Holidays in the Lake District – Cumbria

Are you sick of the smog of the city? Do you want a vacation that will cleanse you inside out from the city and its hectic routine? If you had answered yes to these questions, then here is what you can do: Head to Cumbria for one of the best walking holidays in all of the U.K.

Mountain Biking in the Lake District – Everyday!

The rush of wind through your hair, the adrenaline pumping throughout your body, and the pleasant scenery all around – these are just a few things you can get once you gear up for mountain biking in the beautiful Lake District area. About Lake District is more than one of the most visited areas in the U.K.

UK Kitesurfing Championships

Kitesurfing is one of the most interesting sports that allow you to have the unforgiving sea literally under your own feet. With the wind as your ally, you will be able to weave your way on the surface of the water, and even show how good you are at this by performing some tricks such as the wake-style and controlled flying and jumping. If you believe that you’re good enough, you can take part in any of the many UK kitesurfing championships.

Lake Cruises on Derwentwater in the Lakes

The Queen of the Lakes, Derwentwater is one of the most fascinating places you can ever be at. It combines the beauty of topaz lakes and the sturdiness of towering peaks. This shallow lake is the third largest Cumbrian lake in the area. However, what makes it special is its magnificent wildlife and woodlands that will definitely take your breath away. If you get the opportunity to go there, one of the activities you must indulge in is buying a cruise ticket.

Easy Outdoor Cooking at the Cottage

Nothing ruins a cottage vacation faster than spending the better part of each day listening to kids of all ages whining: “What’s for dinner?”… Me? I’d rather be attacked by a thousand mosquitoes rather than hear that every day.

Is the Experience of a Whale Watching Expedition For Everyone?

On a recent trip to Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, we decided to include a whale watching expedition as part of our visit. We had planned it to be the highlight of our trip. But is it for everyone?

Butchart Gardens – Victoria, British Columbia – Smelling the Flowers

On a recent trip to Victoria, B.C., we visited Butchart Gardens, an oasis of all that nature produces and then some. It is more than just smelling the flowers; it is an opportunity to dream of gardens and how we can incorporate nature into our own lives. And it is an opportunity to relax and enjoy the beauty of the many flowers, shrubs and trees that make up this garden wonderland.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary – An Ideal Place For Watching Indian Animals in Their Natural Habitat

Periyar Tiger Reserve, Thekkady, is a fine example of nature’s bounty, with great scenic appeal, rich bio diversity and providing regular visitor satisfaction. Sprawling over an area of 777 Sq. Km. (core area is 350 Sq. Km.); Periyar is the best-known wildlife sanctuary in Kerala and also one of the 27 great tiger reserves in India.

Night Vision Binoculars – Buying Online

Night vision binoculars are considered an optical instrument or a devise which allows images to be produced even in a level of light approaching total darkness. They were used by military during World War II and now several decades and generations later, even civilians can buy them.

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