Swamp Survival Camping & Bushcraft (No Tent) – Hunting & Eating Frogs

Fall Leaves Tours: Mid-Atlantic States

The Shenandoah Valley in North Eastern Virginia is considered one of the most scenic of the fall leaves tours Mid-Atlantic States. The Skyline Drive leading south into the Shenandoah National Forest is slow with its 35-mile-per-hour speed limit but is worth the effort for leaf peepers starting in early September and lasting into late October.

Fall Foliage Tours: Colorful Season of The Great Lakes Region

Fall Foliage Tours of the Great Lakes Region– the area around freshwater lakes Erie, Huron, Michigan, Superior, and Ontario– are an established travel norm. The surprising thing is the variety of tours and the length of the season; starting in September in Canada and lasting through November in the southern parts of these coastal regions.

Fall Foliage in New England

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are the states for fall foliage in New England. A fall leaf tour can include them all.

Caravan BBQ Survey and Report

Cooking and eating outdoors is all part of the fun of caravanning and choosing a BBQ for your caravan is an important decision. I was lucky to be away during the warmest week of the year and conducted my own camp site BBQ survey! With nearly everyone cooking outside their caravan or motorhome it was easy to see the advantages and disadvantages of all the different BBQs and grills in action…

Kentucky’s Unique Fall Festival

Few states in the union have as many trees or as much fall splendor as Kentucky. Blue Heron State Park in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area is the newest and most unusual. Late September offerings by the park include a Storyteller’s Festival.

Fall Foliage in The Great Smoky Mountains

Nature was not on holiday when it formed the trees providing America with some of the nation’s most beautiful fall foliage in The Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. Over 100 species of trees are found in the National Park of the same name. Each adds a different hue, location and time frame to the beauty of leaf season. Tourists from all over the country risk the twisting roads for an eyeful of the glorious view.

Kerala: In Nature’s Lap

A trip to the forts, rivers, beautiful hills and lengthy sandy beaches evokes alluring moments for the visitors. Kerala abounds in natural and man-made waterways that follow the coast from north to south

Erotic Khajuraho

Khajuraho temples are perhaps one of the most magnificent monuments of Madhya Pradesh. Their erotic sculptures represent religious fervor and their aesthetic sensuality depicts life in every form and mood

The Golden Triangle of India

I was fortunate to have traveled to India to see its rich history of palaces, great cities and ancient culture

Historical Delhi

Delhi has a proud history of hundreds of years and offers numerous cultural activities including dance and music shows

Sleeping Bag Insulations and Their Benefits

Sleeping bags are sold in different styles, for varying temperatures and with many different insulations. Learn about some commonly used insulations and their benefits.

Fall Colours with Grand River Rafting One Hour from Toronto, Ontario

From the end of September to mid October, discover Southern Ontario’s second “Natural Wonder.” A river drift into autumn’s crimson fire…splashed with burnt orange and hickory yellows. Watch as each stroke opens the canvas of the Carolinian forest. Listen as a blue jays echo across the sky. You have just entered the Grand River Valley.

Canopy Tents: An Important Part For Outdoor Event!

Canopy and tents are the perfect way to protect to from different weather conditions. Tents continue to fulfill man’s basic need for shelter. Canopy can add elegance to your house, wedding.

Tents And Canopy For Outdoor Events

People use tents and canopy for parties. It can also protect your vehicles, furniture etc. Tents and canopy are versatile and require very little time and effort to construct or place it. It protects from sun, rain in different weather conditions.

Toronto’s Backyard Canoeing – On Your Front Door

The Grand River in Southern Ontario is a trip with minutes of driving… yet hours of paddling. Canoeists are stunned at discovering such a wilderness so nearby. You can explore this river for a week or a day… it all depends on the time window.

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