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Hell’s Gate – Enter Another World

Established in 1984, this small national park lies just south of Lake Naivasha and about 90km north-west of Nairobi. Alarming as the name might sound, don’t be put off – the park itself is rich and stunning and should form a most rewarding part of a trip to Kenya.

What Sort of Portable Cooker Should You Buy?

Buying a Portable Cooker is a good step towards getting out and enjoying nature. These come in a huge range, starting with tiny cookers designed for those who hike long distances right through to huge gas cookers for those who tow a camper trailer with a four wheel drive. The important thing is that you take into consideration what you want the burner to do. You can’t expect a small hiking Portable Cooker to cook food for a whole family in a very cheap or quick fashion; you need a big burner.

Top Outdoor Activities That You Can Enjoy

Outdoor activities are always popular during the sunny season. You will always see people enjoying these activities with their friends and relatives.

Have a Terrific Time With a Europe Walking Holiday

A Europe walking holiday is some thing that’s developing in acceptance each and every year. The British have continuously had a love affair with trekking and we are actually willing to grow our experience and venture further afield. So, then why not the European countries?

Hawaii, The Land of Funny Rocks – About Pahoehoe, A’a, Pele’s Tears and Pele’s Hair

Exotic and unique, Hawaii is the most isolated island archipelago on earth with the most diverse landscapes, the most climate zones, the largest and most active volcanoes on earth and it is home to over half the endangered species in America. So many visitors tend to stay within the precincts of their resort, or only visit a couple beaches and the major towns…they truly cheat themselves of some of the most unusual and absolutely fascinating landscapes and captivating scenery on earth.

Grand Canyon Tours – Touring the Grand Canyon From Las Vegas

There are many possible tours and view points from which to see the Grand Canyon. Whether up or down, historical or modern, Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas can show you this amazing natural wonder at its very best and most breathtaking.

I Love the Beach in Summer – The Reasons Why

Hit the beach, summer’s coming. Well at least in the northern hemisphere. Pack the suncream, buckets and spades, coolers, various food and drink items, ice etc… Shove it all in the car and our beach adventure begins.

Santa Monica Pier to Venice Pier – A Great 5 Mile Out and Back Run

If you are a visitor to Southern California, or even a local, one of the best places to run is on Ocean Front Walk that runs along the beach between Santa Monica and Venice. If you are a compulsive who needs to know how many miles you have run, keep reading. An avid math guy has used a calibrated wheel to check out half mile landmarks. Drive to the Santa Monica Pier parking lot and park in the far corner of the main lot. Ocean Front Walk is at the back of this lot.

Moab Mountain Biking and Utah Whitewater Rafting Possibilities

Are you ready for an adventure? If you are the kind of person who is into the combination of sports, nature, and the outdoors, then Moab, Utah is the perfect place for you to visit. There you can enjoy two things, and probably more. You can either do some Moab mountain biking or Utah whitewater rafting, or maybe even both if you have the time and energy.

A Look at Common Northwest Insects

Summer brings out the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty, but it also brings out all manner of creepy-crawlies. This article highlights which Northwest insects to watch out for while camping and hiking and offers tips for protecting against them.

Welcome To a New Day at Brighton Beach

Crowded beaches could sometimes spoil a good treat for the family. Noise and garbage are all over the place. You could hardly relax and the kids are not so comfortable playing in the sand with all those muscle men surrounding them. Or probably you and your friends might be looking fro seclusion for a few seconds and have a good time, but you definitely can make it come true in a place full of heads.

Lake Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee locally referred to as The Big O is the 7th largest freshwater lake in the United States. Covering almost 730 square miles it is half the size of Rhode Island. In spite of it’s large size, it is only 13 feet deep at it’s deepest point.

Things to Do in Summit County, Colorado

Summer is finally here! The snow is melting and the temperatures are ranging around a perfect 70 degrees and the sun in full sight. Want to have some fun? Visit Summit County, located in beautiful Colorado-America’s Playground.

Frosty Balls & Snotty Noses

Much akin to the machismo testosterone-filled practice of polar bear swimming in the Great Lakes, this event involved awesome bikes in below freezing weather. Our 160-mile run took us from Prescott into Wickenberg, through Black Canyon City and Cordes Junction and back home again. And we do it every year.

See the Stunning Preseli Hills on UK Rambling Holidays

If you’re looking into UK walking holidays with a difference, why not consider travelling to Pembrokeshire in Wales to trek in and around the beautiful Preseli Hills? The hills form part of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and represent one of just two inland areas included in the park’s limits. They offer a stunning backdrop for rambling holidays in this part of south Wales thanks to their rugged appearance and plethora of historical sights and attractions.

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