The Five H’s Of Wilderness Survival

Using Canopies And Gazebos For Your Outdoor Shelter

Enjoying the fresh air and spending a day outside can be a great boost to your overall sense of well being. This is a pastime that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, backgrounds and preferences. There are many activities ranging from camping, water sports, beach recreation, fishing and much more that can be enjoyed.

Appreciating Various Attractions During UK Beach Holidays

You can visit so many beaches, amusement parks, castles and museums, and popular tourist attractions during your UK beach holidays. If you are with your spouse or have the children in tow, you should get accommodations at one of the spacious and luxurious holiday cottages.

Discovering Dubai

Dubai is a fascinating city offering a blend of old and new. It has taken less than a century for this once small fishing village to become a modern exciting city and popular holiday destination. Whether you are looking for travel deals for a relaxing break in the sun or an exciting shopping trip, Dubai has it all. The following are just a few of the many things you can do whilst visiting Dubai.

Sydney’s Oldest Garden

There are many beautiful outdoor areas in and around Sydney. The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, are located on Sydney Harbour at Farm Cove next to the Opera House. The parkland sits on 75 acres of meticulously manicured gardens and lawns. The scenery is amazing and a lovely place to have a picnic and relax.

Enjoy Yourself at Florida’s Big Cypress National Preserve

The theme parks of Florida are great and are “must-see” attractions for all visitors to this state, however, some of Florida’s natural attractions should also be put on your list of places to visit when you plan your vacation. If you are headed towards Miami or Ft. Meyers then the Big Cypress National Preserve is a destination which will let you get up close to Florida’s wildlife and enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities.

Out-Of-The Ordinary Adventure: The Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano is one of the world’s most active volcanoes and one of Costa Rica’s most popular destinations. The volcano region features trails through old lava flows and lush secondary forest leading to the base of the volcano. Attractions in the area are not limited to the volcano. Cascading waterfalls, hot springs, hiking trails and wildlife provide ample adventure opportunities.

Outer Banks Kayak Adventures

Want to see the Outer Banks as you have never seen it before? An Outer Banks kayak adventure is the way to do it. This place is surrounded by water and by water there are few places you can not go. Want to really see the Outer Banks? See it in a kayak.

What to Do on a Rainy Day in Mexico

A rainy day has its own beauty. When you are at home, it seems heavenly. But often it becomes a serious problem for you when you go to visit a place. This is also true when you go to Mexico. You may become very depressed that you cannot go out for snorkeling, diving, fishing or swimming. But there are a lot of other interesting things that you can do on a rainy day.

Exciting Activities Your Family Can Do During Your Isle of Wight Holidays

There are countless exciting activities your family can enjoy during your Isle of Wight holidays. You can take your family to this fascinating island for a grand vacation treat. Renting one of the Isle of Wight holiday cottages would be advantageous because these are perfect lodging places for vacationers who want the best out of a less expensive budget.

Ecotourism Highlights in Cuba

Cuba is a popular Caribbean destination for direct holidays, particularly with nature lovers due to its well preserved ecosystems, amazing landscapes and its huge array of flora and fauna. The Cuban archipelago is home to more than 6,500 species of higher plants (50 percent of which are native), 650 vertebrates including 350 species of birds and more than 14,000 species of invertebrates.

Autumn Bird Watching Tours

With the nights drawing in, autumn is a great time to visit some of the more obscure destinations for bird watching tours. The change in seasons means a change in the habitats, behaviour and colouring of avian wildlife. This chance to see the migration of birds from the colder reaches of the northern hemisphere is one not to be missed. The location of some countries means that they provide bird watchers with opportunities to witness the flight of some birds that ordinarily live in harsh climates. With many low cost flights to some cities traditionally considered ‘off the beaten track’, why not take this great opportunity to enjoy autumn bird watching tours?

The Benefits of Bird Watching Tours

Do you want to broaden your horizons with a new bird watching location? Maybe you have spent hours at the park and the same birds keep showing up every day. If you, like many who enjoy the bird watching hobby, want to see some exciting new birds that don’t fly in to your back yard, but aren’t quite sure where to go, consider joining a bird watching tour for a new experience. These tours bring together people who enjoy the same hobby and the same environment, for something that they don’t usually have the opportunity to do. Led by knowledgeable guides who are familiar not only with the location and the terrain, but also with the species you are likely to encounter, these bird watching tours offer a great way to spice up your hobby.

Top Ten Tips for Rwanda

Though attracting an increasing number of travellers, lured by the pull of gorilla trekking, Rwanda safaris are unlike most safaris you would embark on in Africa; and there are still a number of spots worth exploring. The country’s winding alpine roads and narrow valleys are alive with agriculturalists tending their crops, fishermen in dug-out canoes, and women gathering tea on terraced hillsides. In addition, cavernous blue lakes, sweeping savannah and tropical, misty rainforest abound with wildlife just waiting to be discovered.

Healthy Bird Watching Tours

Bird watching is not only a fun hobby to participate in, but it also has many health benefits that are often overlooked by the general population. Most often when people think of healthy hobbies, they tend to think of extremely vigorous, high energy sports. However, for many, these activities can be too competitive and expensive. Bird watching offers an alternative that is relaxing, safe and comparatively inexpensive. This fun hobby can also be great for meeting new people if you join a bird watching tour. These tours are gaining a larger following, with many looking for new ways to experience this activity.

Why Getting A Few Canoe Lessons Can Help You To Enjoy The Sport More

Canoeing is an extremely popular pastime for thousands of people across the UK, mainly because the sport is affordable and enjoyable and appeals to a vast range of people. Unlike some other hobbies, it is often not wise to just jump into a canoe and set off down the river, as tuition can be a vital safety element to stop you getting into trouble.

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