Wilderness Survival Fire In The Rain, My Method

Exploring Philippines Through Kayaking

Another booming outdoor recreation in the Philippines is kayaking. More and more people, including foreign tourists in the country, are getting hooked to this aquatic sport. With more than 7,000 islands, the Philippines is indeed a perfect destination for kayaking enthusiasts.

Visiting Carter and Holmes Orchids in Newberry, SC

Carter and Holmes Orchids has been a premier source of orchids for 65 years. The company, located in Newberry, South Carolina, first began selling orchids as cut flowers after WWII.

4 Top Parks in Atlanta to Visit

Atlanta is home to many beautiful parks for visitors and residents to enjoy. A Perimeter hotel shares their pick on the 4 top parks in Atlanta to visit.

Our Flight Over Lake Eyre – Outback South Australia

Lake Eyre is Australia’s sump, being 15 metres below sea level, with water only reaching there when there are extensive rains in the Western part of Queensland, hundreds of kilometres away. The North Lake is 144kms long and 77kms wide, and on the rare occasions it does fill is Australia’s largest lake, although it has only filled to capacity 3 times in the last 150 years, with the last time being 1974.

Sequoia Trees

Seeing the giant Sequoia trees in Central California will take your breath away. Get away from the cities on the coast and see forest of the largest trees in the world. Sequoia National Park is a true treasure and worth the trip.

Screen Tent – Planning For an Outdoor Escape

When you are planning for your big weekend outdoors, you’re going to want to make sure that you are fully prepared. Not being fully prepared for your weekend can end in a potentially bad way.

Senior Vacations That Lead Off the Beaten Path Literally

Retirement gives you ample time to travel, and seniors take full advantage of that. There are cruises for seniors, senior deals at hotels, and even trips for seniors that include bungee jumping that are only for 50 and over! Trips for seniors can be extreme or relaxed, planned or spur of the moment. Another aspect of senior vacations that has yet to be fully utilized is local walking tours.

Summer Vacation at Home

Everyone likes to go on vacation but there are interesting things that you can do even if you decide to stay home this year. The only important part is not to be disappointed and to look at the situation from the glass half full.

Three Wonderful State Parks in North Central Washington State

North Central Washington is an absolutely gorgeous location with a number of fun things to do. One of those things is to get out in the great outdoors. A convenient way to do that is to check out any of the many amazing state parks located in the region. Here is a look at just three of them.

The What and Why of Insulated Picnic Backpacks

For all those picnic and hiking enthusiasts, you may be interested in learning more information about the interesting insulated picnic backpack. There are numerous useful features and qualities that surround the product, and you will be happy you have it when lunchtime, dinner or even a quick snack rolls around.

Five Hands-Free LED Lights For Any Situation

Hunters, campers and anglers often need light but don’t always have a free hand to hold a flashlight. This article highlights five hands-free LED light solutions on the market that can provide a powerful beam without requiring an extra hand.

Idaho Steelhead Fishing – A Desirable Catch in Beautiful Surroundings

Idaho steelhead fishing involves one of the most highly desired fish in the world. The steelhead, or rainbow trout, can grow to be fairly large in size. What else makes it such a treat? Let’s find out.

Hunting Safaris

In most countries around the world it is illegal for anyone to just hunt animals, and in many cases it is also impractical since most game is isolated and not kept in the wild as such. Despite this however, people still maintain the desire to hunt wild game and the solution comes in the form of hunting safari’s. Hunting lodges are very much like game farms in the sense that they isolate game in their natural environment. The only real difference is that a game lodge’s main priority for breeding and maintaining game populations is so that they can be hunted. Even though the existence of these hunting lodge’s allow people to hunt game more freely, the people who hunt there are still required to have a hunting licence or permit.

Pensacola Fishing Charters

A Pensacola Fishing Charter is really the gateway to the world of entertainment and enjoyment. Chartered fishing in the Gulf of Mexico has been one of the top tourist activities for quite a few years.

South Africa – A Hunting Paradise

South Africa can be described as one of the top hunting destinations in the world. The diverse biomes and game in the country make it the ideal place for an ever changing and exciting hunting experience. Because of its diversity, South Africa is able to offer almost any possible hunting scenario and possibility. South Africa has concrete legal and environmental guidelines which ensure that game populations are maintained while also allowing hunters to indulge in hunting activities. The large and dense populations of game provide hunters with more of an opportunity to spend their time actually hunting game as opposed to tracking them down and also ensure that the supply keeps up with demand.

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