Winter Camping in Desert Snow Storm – 2 Day Fishing Camp Catch & Cook

Dog Sledding

From snow’s first fall through early May, Natures Kennel conducts dog sledding adventures for the general public. You can be taken for a two-hour ride, or, if you have an adventurous spirit, Ed and Tasha will give musher lessons. After about an hour of training, you can then elect to actually mush the sleds on a 50-mile, overnight trek through the unseen regions of the Eastern Upper Peninsula.

Falmouth City – Naturally Wonderful

Falmouth city is a tourist’s paradise in every sense. Whatever you name, be it ocean breeze, warm water or relaxing water, you will find it here. This city was once a major center for shipbuilding, whaling and agriculture.

Edgartown City – A Fine Experience

Edgartown city is located on the southeastern side of Martha’s Vineyard. Settled in 1600 this was the first colonial community. Hundreds of visitors come to the place to enjoy the fabulous scenes of seaside villages.

Australian Outback Travel Tips

Outback Travel Tips, The Australian outback is notorious for lots of reasons, so you have to be smart when you take any type of trip into less travelled areas. Being unprepared or foolish can cost you your money, your trip or even your life, so listen up to these hard and fast rules for Australian outback travel.

How To Best Protect Your Electronic Gear From The Elements

Everyone likes to have their portable electronic equipment with them while outdoors. Shipping Cases Now offers numerous sized waterproof cases designed to hold, radios, i-pods, portable gps and other small electronic devices.

The Great Walks around Cairns

Today’s people are staying active. They care about their fitness and will work for it. Fighting a winning battle for a healthy life doesn’t stop at home, though. It is also important to stay fit on the road. For those who want to spend their leisure time traveling, these are the best walking tracks you can find on your visit to Cairns. These great walks offer visitors a range of experiences, from short, easy strolls of a couple of hours to full-day walks. This mix ensures that people of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the parks and rainforests in Cairns.

Walking Poles And Sticks: Do They Help?

When out walking and hiking, many people use walking poles or sticks. But are they just a fashion fad? Here are my observations on them . . .

Are Certain Experts Right When Challenging Dolphins’ Intelligence?

For years, marine biologists and other experts have been confirming the high level of intelligence present in dolphins but now some experts pretend that dolphins are not as smart as believed for years.

Winter Adventure in Colorado

Colorado is a winter paradise and playground. Discover the winter pleasures you can experience in Colorado.

Are You Looking Forward To Your Vacation In Africa?

Which vacation are you interested in? As you can guess, a vacation in Africa is a real adventure and that is the reason so many celebrities choose to sneak out. Simply put, it is an amazing vacation you should consider investing in because of the major attractions that are unique to Africa and it cannot be found anywhere else in the world!

Packing For Ski Vacations – It Aint No Day At The Beach

Let’s face it, packing for a beach vacation is a walk in the park compared to packing for a ski vacation. With a beach vacation you drop a few pairs of shorts and tops and your swimsuit into your bag and you’re ready to go. Not so for a ski vacation. If you’re bringing your own ski equipment you have your skis, boots, poles and bulky ski pants and jacket. What’s a ski enthusiast to do?

A Second Family Perspective

Beach, safari and riding – Charlotte and her family revisit South Africa.

Kenya Doesn’t Have to Be Crowded

If your wish is to see East Africa in a totally private, intimate way, a mobile tented camp will give you a taste of the continent as it must have seemed to the original explorers. Alex Hunter operates private mobiles across Kenya, giving you the chance to drive through some of Africa’s densest game populations and walk in unspoiled regions.

Bitten by the Beach Bug

Hardened veteran of countless beach resorts, John Spence was not expecting to be won over by the small lodges of Mozambique’s Bazaruto Archipelago. But two small lodges changed his mind.

Craftsbury Common City: A Quaint Touch

Craftsbury Common City is one of the beautiful destinations in USA. A principal trading post in 1700 in the late 1700, this place is today a quaint northern New England village that has all the elements to attract thousands of visitors from all across the globe.

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