Winter Survival Camping with 4 yr old in Alaska – Primitive Survival Shelter

The Advantages of Skiing Europe

What makes European skiing so special? Find out why skiing Europe can be more fun than skiing in the states!

The Camino de Santiago

My rucksack weighed 14kg at the airport. After three days it was 10kg, which was still too heavy. Shampoo went in the bin, soap would do. The mosquito net was given away and not missed. Several books were left in hostel libraries. I cut my towel in half and the sleeves came off my tee shirts. I saw people tear pages from books – once read they were just extra weight. As well as the surplus from my rucksack I lost 8kg, which was a pleasant surprise on returning home.

RV Tips – How to Prepare Your RV for Summer

It’s almost that time again to pull the family RV out of moth balls and go have some fun! But don’t hit the dusty trail until you’re sure your unit is roadworthy and everything is working as it should! You don’t want to deal with unexpected nasty surprises because you didn’t check things out thoroughly!

Adventure in the Utah Outdoors – Simultaneous Rappel

Here is a Utah outdoors adventure to try sometime that will really get the adrenaline going. Try a simultaneous rappel off of an arch where your anchor is the weight of another’s body. Use extreme coution!


The first known lighthouse was Pharos in Alexandria, Egypt, built about 280 B.C. Since that time lighthouses have evolved from setting fires by hand at the top of the lighthouse to those with electricity and elevators Let their lights forever shine.

All About Winter Park

Hate the dreariness of the plains or the heat and dust of summer? Looking for a winter park? A vacation spot that will give you the freshness of mountain air, the adrenaline rushes from skiing or snowmobiling.

Adventure Tours to the Himalayas

You don’t have to be a mountain climber to tour the awesome Himalayas. Don’t miss this opportunity to see Mt Everest from its base camp. This adventure vacation can enable you to see the world’s tallest mountain range and meet the people who live there.

Add Some White Water To Your Next Adventure Vacation

Find out why your life will not be complete and will be a complete waste, if you die without every going white water rafting.

All about Banff

In the year 1883, three Canadian Pacific Railway construction workers stumbled across a cave containing hot springs on the eastern slopes of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains. From that humble beginning was born Banff National Park, Canada’s first national park and the world’s third.

10 Lanzarote Beaches – General

The Best Beach on Lanzarote
Wild Waves
Take notice of Flag warnings
Important saftey messages

11 Lanzarote Beaches – Yaiza

Visit Papagayo Beach, the best in Yaiza
Playa Blanca Beach Review

More Yellowstone Wolves Leak into Idaho

We now have over one five hundred wolves in Idaho. Each of these eats at least twice a week. That is at least 100 times a year. That means that about 50,000 critters must die to feed them. That’s why Idaho elk hunters are mad as heck. The above statistic may not be accurate. I’m only guessing.

Essay on The Wilderness

All wildernesses are different and immense pleasure can be gained by climbing a mountain, or kayaking the Puget Sound, even going bird watching. The wilderness is full of variety. How people can become bored of it, I do not comprehend. It can be dry or wet, hot or cold, full or empty, vivid or dull, complex or simple, colorful or bleak, and most all the time mathematical. Mother Nature is the world’s best architect. She inputs the many principles of science, math, architecture, engineering, and more into her work.

Diving in the Red Sea

Dahab is one of the most spectacular beaches in Sinai. Divers from all over the world flock to Dahab in search of some of the most breathtaking dive opportunities in the world. As Dahab is in the Red Sea the abundance of marine life at these dive sites is spectacular.

Animal Skill Learning And Creativity In And Out Of Their Natural Environment

Many researchers have noticed that you can train a wild animal to do something, like a shark, wolf, guerilla, tiger or Chimpanzee, but when they go back into the wild they simply dismiss the skill and do not bother to teach it to their wild companions. Yet some skills

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